A Handy Guide for your Very first Trip to Cuba

Captivating scenery, enticing nearby drinks (specifically rum, of course) and sultry salsa dancing – it’s fair to say Cuba has a lot to provide its visitors. If you’re heading off to this picturesque Caribbean spot, hopefully you’ll locate our guide for first timers in Cuba quite handy, and you can focus on having the best time ever.

Accommodation in Cuba

As with any idyllic tourist hot spot, there are countless accommodation sorts available in Cuba, from your standard (to far more luxurious) hotels, to even price range-friendly hostels. Nevertheless, one selection that differs significantly on this island is the Casas Particulares. Casas particulares are a type of accommodation in Cuba. They are incredibly popular with tourist and travellers. You spend to rent a area in a local’s residence or apartment. Do your research and triple verify arrangements etc, but government-registered casas are all fully legal and above board.

Kuba, Oldtimer in Havanna

Getting around

Cuba can be fairly challenging to navigate around, and the public transport there isn’t usually the most dependable. Consequently it pays to do a bit of additional analysis on how to get around ahead of you go, so you can invest less time functioning items out when you are there, and much more time having enjoyable. Some of the most common items to see and do contain Havana tours, salsa classes and Vinales mogotes and cigar experiences. These will all be relatively simpler to navigate to as they’re so popular.

CAMAGUEY, KUBA - Strasse in der historischen Altstadt bei Sonnenuntergang

Meals and drink in Cuba

The food in Cuba has somewhat of a undesirable reputation, and as lengthy as you go a tiny prepared, you’ll notice that reputation is rather unfair. In recent years, the government has offered back control and ownership of restaurants to local chefs, allowing creativity and delicious cuisine to flourish as a outcome. Some dishes you must attempt incorporate ropa vieja, grilled lobster and milk flan for afters. And of course, you can wash it down with the island’s finest – Havana rum, or a tantalising mojito.

Staying protected

Beach in Cuba

As with any common tourist location, staying safe must be a enormous priority as even though it is a reasonably secure country, there will usually be opportunist thieves out to make some cash from vulnerable tourists, especially via scams. One particular of the most recognisable scams incorporate becoming massively more than charged for items such as accommodation or even things like coffee, so always double check prior to handing over any cash.

Budgeting during your trip

You may possibly be surprised to discover that Cuba is not a specifically expensive country, though it could feel it when compared to some other hot backpacking spots such as Vietnam and Cambodia. Budgeting can massively aid make positive you don’t overspend and so that you don’t land oneself in a pickle at the end of the trip. Diving in Cuba is also one particular of the most least expensive areas in the world to do it, which is nicely worth considering.

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