This Week + Throwing Things

Toddler Boy

Guys. I need parenting aid. I do not care if you’re parents or not — support! My sweet, funny, energetic toddler won’t. cease. throwing things. It is not even out of anger or something. It’s a lot more like he just desires to see what takes place when he throws them. But Lord help me, it makes me crazy. He tosses his toys everywhere (and the final thing I want to be carrying out is receiving down on the floor to dig toys out from below the couch), he chucks books so they virtually chop my feet off, and he throws his cups on the floor at meal times. And right after he throws the stuff he just looks at it like, “Huh. Effectively there ya go.” And then he says, “Henry fro dat.”

We talk allllll the time about how we do not throw, how it’s dangerous and it tends to make a mess and none of his buddies or family throw issues. And when we’re talking he looks at me all earnest and I swear he understands. I know he does! But then he chucks his Legos everywhere just to see them scatter and it is all I can do to maintain from tearing my hair out. That freakin’ adorable jerk.

So. Any parents deal with this? Anyone have a penchant for throwing things when they have been small? I’m all ears, gang. And in the meantime, you can laugh at me even though I’m on my hands and knees wiping up the cup of milk that my kid just tossed overboard.

Oh and hey — have a great weekend! xoxo

Lovely Certainly