I Am the…

I started thinking the other day about the delegation of duties among myself and the hubs and how fascinating it is which jobs fell to which person. Some of them are really classic (he mows the lawn, I do the laundry), and some of them appear completely random. It produced me want to commence listing out all the issues that I am in our family, just to see it on paper. I even asked Ryan and he came up with some that I in no way would have believed of (apparently I’m the only 1 who puts gas in the car?!). So here’s my list. Leave me a list of a handful of of the things that you are! xoxo

thank-you card writer
laundry washer
trip planner
barf cleaner
ukulele player
closet organizer
cupboard cleaner
party planner
bottle washer
dish doer
suitcase packer
dust bunny wrangler
early riser
memory recorder
gas getter

Beautiful Certainly