Quick Guide to a Healthier Safari Vacation


Nothing at all turns your dream safari into a nightmare quicker than falling ill. To get the most out of this amazing journey you need to have to make certain that you have taken all the proper precautions and you are in great health before you embark on your journey. Right here is a short list to support you on your way.


Sometimes they may be painful. Occasionally they could be expensive. Your initial line of defense will constantly be vaccinations. When arranging your safari holiday be certain to research the vaccinations needed by nation you are going to. Before embarking on your journey it is advised that you see a travel well being specialist at your nearest travel clinic or your nearby GP. Attempt and book your go to a few months in advance because some vaccinations come in a series. Though not all vaccinations are needed, current outbreaks might make some a requirement by particular nations. For instance, yellow fever vaccinations are required by a lot of safari destinations, which contain Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia. This vaccination lasts ten years. So if you are planning on visiting a few destinations, across a variety of nations, it is worth obtaining it. Other common diseases that can be contracted whilst on safari are:

o Diphtheria
o Hepatitis A, B and C
o Typhoid Fever
o Tetanus

Do not Underestimate the Sun

Regardless of whether you’re out on a game drive, a nature hike or walking safari you will be beneath the watchful gaze of the hot sun. Spending lengthy hours in the sun can be really an adjustment for your physique depending on exactly where you are from.

One of the largest complaints is constantly sunburn. Most underestimate the sun (especially in Africa) and your trip can abruptly become very painful if the suitable precautions are not taken. Use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF). Be conscious that certain courses of Malaria medication and antibiotics may make you much more susceptible to sunburn so please make sure you comprehend all the side effects that could present with the use of certain medications and go over them with your physician. If you sunburn easily then be sure to wear light clothes and a wide brimmed hat.

Dehydration can turn out to be extremely severe quite speedily if left untreated. It is especially dangerous if you’re planning on undertaking a drive at a safari lodge. Beer and other drinks supply some respite, but will not hydrate you appropriately when you start off losing also several electrolytes. It is great practice to preserve some rehydration powder about just in case. Drink lots of water. Make confident you know that the supply is safe to drink from. A good rule of thumb is to stay away from tap water, even if locals drink it. Try and stick to bottled water. A handful of regional vendors attempt and save income by filling up bottles at the tap so be sure to check the seal on your bottle. The water provided by game lodges is secure, but it often aids to check for any irregularities. If you’re undertaking a solo safari then please ensure that you have sufficient water packed. Maintain purification tablets in your very first aid kit just in case of emergency.

Watch What You Consume

Nothing at all can ruin your trip like stomach troubles. Most safari lodges and tours supply, an frequently lavish, choice of meals and drink during your keep. You have to be a bit wearier if you want to a taste of the regional fair or if you’re preparing your personal meals. If you are attempting out the local street cuisine only eat meals that you see becoming cooked in front of you. In reality attempt and only consume meals that heated in some way and attempt and steer clear of salads. Stick to busy stalls and restaurants since this signifies a faster turnaround for the duration of food preparation.

If you are cooking your own food then ensure that all fruits and vegetables are washed in bottled water or chilled water that has been thoroughly boiled. White vinegar is valuable in killing amoeba and other parasites so attempt and soak your vegetables for a few minutes. Do not worry it does not impact the taste in any way.

1 of the excellent joys of traveling is discovering new and fascinating dishes. Often, regardless of all your precautions, you will get sick. Maybe the combinations of new oils and spices upset your stomach. So keep some anti-diarrhea and anti-nausea tablets around just in case. Don’t neglect to wash your hands ahead of you consume so get some antiseptic gel.


Malaria can nonetheless be found in numerous Southern and Eastern African nations so it is critical to take the proper precautions. Check about feasible malaria outbreaks before embarking on your journey and seek advice from your travel doctor to see if you want to take some Malaria medication. There are numerous choices with varying degrees of side effects so it is greatest to analysis the greatest for you and your budget.

There are a couple of items you can do whilst on your trip to keep away from contracting Malaria. Most importantly is to keep away from being bitten by mosquitoes. Most notably from dusk till dawn. Use insect repellent on your skin and garments. Wear light colors, simply because mosquitoes are attracted to darker tones. Ideally you should sleep beneath a mosquito net, but alternatively cover you skin as a lot as feasible. Even when it’s hot! You’ll thank oneself later.

It is also very good to stay away from swimming in or interacting with still water. Usually a hub for mosquitoes these water bodies also house a variety of parasites like Bilharzia or amoeba. Malaria transmissions peak in the hot summer months, normally amongst November and April, whilst Might to October have shown a reduced risk. So if you’re unable to take Malaria medication for any explanation then the colder period might be for you.

Healthy Feet

Two critical things are constantly forgotten. We have a tendency to overlook the overall health of our feet on trips like these. Being comfy is incredibly crucial, especially if you’re doing a safari stroll. Be conscious of the common terrain you will encounter on your stroll. Typically a excellent pair off trainers must fulfill all your requirements, but more advanced hikes may possibly call for boots with proper ankle support. Bring along a pair of flip-flops to give your feet a breather when you get back to the lodge or camp. Be careful though! Places with sub Saharan climates (like Kenya and Uganda) have a sort of flea, referred to as jiggers, which reside in the soil. So wash your feet with some soap and brush.

Travelling can be daunting and a safari even more so. The whole point of a safari is connecting with the wild beauty of nature. This wild bounty comes with a handful of dangers. It is the trip of a lifetime and taking the proper precautions with your well being makes it possible for you to make the most of this outstanding journey.

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Mark Norman grew up on a farm in South Africa and continues to uncover joy in immersing himself in the excellent outdoors. Passionate about animals and conservation, Mark is a capable outdoorsman and works at Pondoro Game Lodges exactly where is in a position to make a living undertaking the factors he loves most.

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