The Jesus And Mary Chain Automatic Head On new album reformed Jim Reid

The Jesus And Mary Chain Automatic Head On new album reformed Jim ReidPhoto: Steve Gullick

The Jesus And Mary will release new album Damage and Joy on March 24 – their 1st because 1998’s Munki.

The band, who rose to fame with a series of short explosive gigs in the mid ’80s, are regarded as 1 of Britain’s greatest bands of all time, and also are one more testimony to Alan McGee’s genius A&ampR expertise as he signed them in 1984, following a tip-off from Bobby Gillespie. He managed them up until 1986 giving them their very first break.

McGee’s adore for the band, who are fronted by brothers Jim and William Reid, remains strong. The Scot signed them to Creation management in 2014 – at which point they had been seven years into their reunion, and had been intermittently playing live. Most notable was their comabck show at Coachella in 2007.

But given that McGee’s been managing them again he’s helped kick begin a new chapter in the JAMC story. Their most considerable activity – till the news about the album – was the tour in 2015 in honour of their extraordinary album Psychocandy. 

Harm and Joy recording started September 2015 and it’s been worked on with producer Youth, who also has just finished a record with Shaun Ryder’s Black Grape.

“We began to – can you think? – listen to each and every other a bit more,” explains Jim. “In the final couple of years, we’ve buried the hatchet to some degree, and thankfully not into every other. Most men and women who know us would say that we haven’t mellowed that a lot. I feel it was to do with the reality, dare I say it, that wisdom comes with age. Let’s live and let live, and let’s take every single other’s opinions into account.”

The band very first split in 1999, with Reid declaring in an interview with The Independent: “Soon after each tour we wanted to kill each other, and soon after the final tour we attempted”. This sounds a lot much more feral than the Gallagher brothers predicament.

The new track ‘Amputation, which premiered on the Steve Lamacq show on BBC six Music last evening, addresses “getting edited out of the whole music business… I felt like a rock ‘n’ roll amputation.”

“The exciting point about this record is what comes out of the speakers,” declares Jim Reid. “To make a very good record is an achievement if you are twenty-two, but to do it in your fifties, the way we are, I think is a minor miracle.” The album was created by Youth who Shaun Ryder’s Black Grape also have just completed recording an album with out in Spain.

The full albaum tracklisting is:
1. Amputation
two. War On Peace
three. All Issues Pass
4. Always Sad
5. Song For A Secret
six. The Two Of Us
7. Los Feliz (Blues and Greens)
8. Mood Rider
9. Presidici (Et Chapaquiditch)
10. Get On Residence
11. Facing Up To The Facts
12. Simian Split
13. Black And Blues
14. Cannot Cease The Rock

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