Program of a Down for Belgium&#039s Rock Werchter 2017

System of a Down

**TBC**Thursday 29th June to Sunday 2nd July 2017**TBC**
Werchter, Leaven, Rotselaar, Belgium MAP
count on 236 euros

daily capacity: 85000

final updated: Yesterday, 03:05pm

Method of a Down are the second act for Belgium’s Rock Werchter which takes place from Thursday 29th June to Sunday 2nd July 2017 and is held in the modest village of Werchter in Rotselaar, Belgium.

Rock Werchter organisers sai, “System Of A Down are set to make their Rock Werchter debut on Saturday 1 July 2017. Soad are Californians of Armenian origin- and culturally you quite much feel and hear this element rooted in the lyrics and music of the band. At instances, their lyrics reference the Armenian genocide of 1915-18, when close to one and a half million Armenians have been exterminated by the Ottoman regime. System Of A Down also engage musically with several wider social/political themes. Their music consists of eastern elements overlaid with echoes of Dead Kennedys, Slayer, Van Halen and Frank Zappa. This benefits in an exotic and compelling variant of Alt/Rock/Metal. In April 2015 Method Of A Down played at the Forest National in Brussels. The concert sold out in only 7 minutes.

Radiohead were the 1st to be confirmed.

Tickets to Rock Werchter 2017 go on sale on Saturday 19 November at 10 AM.

**TBC**Thursday 29th June to Sunday 2nd July 2017**TBC**
Werchter, Leaven, Rotselaar, Belgium MAP
expect 236 euros

every day capacity: 85000

last updated: Yesterday, 03:05pm

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Download festival 2017 line up Aerosmith Program of a down

Biffy Clyro and Technique Of A Down to join for the most enticing line up there in years

Download festival 2017 line up Aerosmith System of a downPhoto: Wenn

Steven Tyler’s Aerosmith have stayed correct to their word and are carrying out shows in 2017 and are the biggest act to be announced as a headliner of Download 2017.

Final year Tyler told Rolling Stone: “I’m undertaking 30 [solo] shows from May till August, and then in 2017 we go out with Aerosmith.”

But sadly it appears like this show could be one of their final ever.

Tyler continued: “We’re most likely carrying out a farewell tour. Look, there’s two bands that still have the original members, us and the Stones. I’m grateful for that.

“Whether we do a farewell tour or go into the studio and do another record, I am just excited about it.”

Whitford has voiced his disappointment in the move – saying that he feels ‘abandoned’ by Tyler.

“Steven does not want to do it,” he told Billboard, of functioning with Aerosmith. “It’s unfortunate. We type of feel a small bit abandoned by him. I guess he seems to think his solo career is going to go fantastic guns, and he does not seem to realise that – in my opinion – his fans around the globe want to see him in the context of Aerosmith and do not actually care for whatever he thinks he’s gonna do.”

He added: “I never know if he gets that but, hey, that’s what he desires to do. I can not place a gun to his head. It is just quite disappointing.”

With any luck we’ll have far more than 2017 to enjoy Aerosmith. It’ll be an unmissable show whether it’s amongst their final or not. They are very easily a single of the best classic rock bands ever. Even Kurt Cobain talked of his really like of Aerosmith live and he was quite scathing of the genre as a entire.

This is the very first show to be announced for 2017, and like Radiohead have completed, we suspect an array of other appearances about the planet to follow this major announcement.

Meanwhile, Biffy Clyro clearly impressed more than summer season 2016 adequate to be booked for the subsequent huge occasion in their lives.

And Method Of A Down are going to bring the most significant mosh pits of the weekend.

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