DIY Custom Cover for Annual Photo Book

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

It’s that time once again! I’ve been sorting by way of all of our zillions of images from the year to compile into an annual loved ones photo book. I really like this tradition, and to me it is totally worth all of the function of organizing all of these photos. Hunting back at our family photo books is usually such a treat, especially now that Hank likes to appear at them with us. And this year, after we had ours printed I decided to add a small custom DIY to the mix, simply because you know I cannot leave well adequate alone. 😉

I came across the premium photo books from Mpix this year and actually fell in enjoy with the covers — they’re linen and they come in a bunch of colors, like my present preferred shade of aqua. So I got to operate on their website and once I got the hang of the book editor it all came with each other in about 90 minutes. Seriously! You can customize each page if you like with different layouts, text, and all that jazz. I did a custom layout for every page and it still went super fast. I made myself a rule a handful of years back when I began placing with each other these albums, and it is this: Don’t Agonize. You could invest days and days agonizing more than every single selection, but then you’ll most most likely toss your hands up and forget the complete project. So I gathered all of my photos, uploaded them to the website, and popped them into the layouts. Mpix does the rest, and their printing tends to make it all look so gorgeous. I specifically love employing complete-frame layouts where the images go correct up to the edges of the page — I believe it appears so entertaining! And if you are into the DIY cover, here’s the how-to.


Make Time: 30 Minutes

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

Step 1: Download our printable 2016 template. If you have a cutting machine, upload the file to your machine’s computer software and reduce out the design from the vinyl. If not, print and cut the design and style and trace it onto the back of the vinyl. Use the craft knife to cut out the style, leaving the rectangle outline and the numbers on the vinyl backing and pulling away the excess vinyl. Either way, be sure to reverse the image so that it’s appropriate when you iron it on.

Step two: Place the style with the backing down on the front of your linen photo book. Be certain to center it. Smooth the design and style in location.

Step three: With a hot iron, press firmly onto the clear backing of the vinyl. Press and hold for about 15 seconds in each and every region, becoming certain that it all adheres to the linen.

Step 4: Very carefully pull away the clear backing the gold design need to remain affixed to the book.

That’s it! I really like the gold against the aqua color of the book. And I adore how the linen cover feels in your hands. Just a little one thing to make the book extra special! This one will be going on the shelf right subsequent to our earlier years — that is, after Henry finishes hunting at it for the 37th time. (Have I mentioned that kid loves pictures?) xoxo

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

Custom Cover for an Annual Photo Book

This post is sponsored by Mpix. All ideas and opinions are my very own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who assist keep Beautiful Certainly rocking!

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Photo Gallery: 20 Reasons to Sail Away on a Groove Cruise


The music festival cruise season is officially underway. The Groove Cruise just returned from their most current sailing to Cabo along with a bunch of photographs that remind us of warmer days. The next GC voyage heads out from Miami on January 23 to Grand Turk and returns on January 27, 2017.

The phase 1 lineup for GC Miami will feature Dash Berlin, Lee Foss, Markus Schulz, Andrew Rayel, Sam Feldt, Umek, Roger Sanchez, EDX, Cosmic Gate, Chus + Ceballos, Darude, Way Out West (Jody Wisternoff + Nick Warren), Oliver Dollar, Huxley, and numerous much more.

Photo Credits: @veranmiky / Veranmiky

Music Festival Wizard

one hundred Nights of Summer time Photo Gallery: Fun and Faces @ Sziget Festival Element 2

When a festival lasts for a complete week, there’s going to be a lot of photos. Here is yet another batch of photographic proof that Sziget Festival in Budapest is an absolute blast. For more photos of content festies and the Island of Freedom, check out Portion 1 of our Sziget photo gallery.

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100 Nights of Summer season Photo Gallery: Conquering The Fort @ Dimensions Festival in Croatia

I knew from photos that Croatia’s Dimensions Festival would be hosted at an eye-popping venue, but experiencing it reside is a revelation. From ancient amphitheaters to parties on the beach to dancing inside a moat, the abandoned fort of Punta Christo is property to EDM heaven.

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100 Nights of Summer time Photo Gallery: Turning It Up @ Austria’s FM4 Frequency Festival

It could be the twelfth festival of the 100 Nights of Summer season Tour, but it is my initial time hitting up one in Austria. This week, I’m in Sankt Pölten, just outside of Vienna, at the FM4 Frequency Festival. So take down a “fast beer” (that’s what Austrians call a beer bong), and lets take a look at one of the rowdier crowds of the season.

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Happy Friday + Photo Strips

Family Photo Booth Strips

We did it once more! Friday! These days it feels like a huge accomplishment to get to the weekend. We took these pictures a couple weekends back in a photo booth at the county fair and they’re perhaps some of my favored that I have. Henry was fascinated by the “tiny house” that took your image, and we even got him to sit for his own strip. I love memories like these — type of blurry and messy but completely ideal in their personal way. We were hot and dusty and just so content to be collectively. Even the baby bump produced an look in a couple of frames. I fully admit that my photo strip collection is a little ridiculous, and I’m starting to forget where they every single came from so I’m going back and writing on the backs of the ones I don’t forget. I have some of them in a book that we DIY’d, but that thing is filled to the brim! Anyway, my fondness for photo booths (specially the old college, legit ones) is not dying any time soon so I’ve gotta start labeling those babies.

Anyway! What are you up to this weekend? I have this bizarrely lofty aim to sort by means of all of my digital pictures and start deleting the junk photos that are hiding there. Mind you, I have about 40,000 images in my pc alone, let alone what’s on my phone, sooooooo….. I’ll just do my best. 😉

Sending high fives for making it by way of another awesome week, my lovelies! xoxo

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Photo Gallery: Faces and Exciting from Sonar Barcelona 2016

The one hundred Nights of Summer tour stopped by Barcelona to sample all the electronic treats of Sonar 2016. You’ve got to enjoy an outdoor EDM festival. Everyone is smiling, satisfied, and desires their picture taken. Right here are just a few of the enjoyable loving fans I got a likelihood to meet along with all the art and creativity that Sonar could dish out. Click here to see the very first batch of our Sonar photo coverage.

Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-75Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-76Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-77Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-78Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-79Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-80Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-81Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-82Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-83Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-84Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-85Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-86Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-87Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-88Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-89Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-90Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-91Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-92Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-93Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-94Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-95Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-96Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-97Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-98Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-99Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-100Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-101Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-102Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-103Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-104Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-105Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-106Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-107Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-108Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-109Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-110

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Photo Gallery: Electronic Heaven @ Sonar Barcelona 2016

The sun is shining in Spain! Okay, there may possibly have been the occasional downpour, but you wouldn’t know it from these pictures. The 100 Nights of Summer tour blew into Barcelona this weekend for the Sonar Festival — 3 days packed with art, creativity, and non-quit EDM. One of the perks of carrying a camera is that festies often want a picture. Enjoy the 1st photo gallery of our Sonar coverage.

Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-42Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-41Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-40Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-39Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-38Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-37Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-36Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-33Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-32Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-31Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-30Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-24Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-23Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-22Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-21Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-35Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-34Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-19Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-18Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-17Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-16Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-15Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-14Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-13Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-12Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-5

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Photo Gallery: This Is Not a Adore Song Festival 2016

Welcome to the debut photo gallery for the 2016 edition of one hundred Nights of Summer season! To kick off our European festival foray, we stopped by This is Not a Adore Song Festival in France for 3 days of indie rock and content faces. A lot more photographs and stories will be on their way in the subsequent couple days so stay tuned.

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