Travel guidelines prior to you head to Morocco

Morocco delights much more and much more visitors every single year as it’s an exotic gem that is not as well far from residence. With exquisite food, enchanting scenery and glorious weather, it’s no wonder. Although it can be a bit of a tricky location for some travellers, especially solo females. Consequently we believed we’d put collectively some leading guidelines to help you prepare for your Moroccan adventure, and to aid you adjust to the culture change.

Dress appropriately

As Morocco is a Muslim country, females dress very modestly, and preserve covered from head to toe. Though the locals are genuinely friendly, it’s a great concept that any females in your group do follow suit with this – take light scarves or shawls with you to cover up when in the busiest locations to avoid getting harassed in the street.

Make positive you have sufficient currency

Marrakesh souk

Most large shops or properly established ones will accept the major international credit cards, but the majority of the smaller ones and specifically the markets will not. Therefore it’s a really very good notion to take as considerably currency with you as attainable. The regional currency in Morocco is Dirham (DEE-rahm) and it goes for roughly 9.6 Dirhams (DH) per 1 USD or 10 per 1 euro. It is recommended that you take about one hundred Euros a day – this need to be enough for a fairly decent spends every day.

Haggle exactly where you can

Haggling is a massive part of the culture in Morocco, so you won’t have to worry about feeling impolite or cheeky – the local sellers will be expecting it. It is genuinely believed that you can haggle down the price of most products from the original price tag by 25%. Also, you could want to bargain with your cab drivers ahead of you get in the cab – aim to set a value before you go. If you are looking to buy much more pricey things whilst you’re out there, such as carpets or artwork, it is greatest you do some investigation just before you go, so you don’t fall victim to sales and tourist traps.

Gate to ancient medina of Fez, Morocco

Research when the religious holidays are

As it is a Muslim nation, the holidays and religious customs are probably to be fairly various to what you’re utilized to. For that reason it’s worth obtaining a bit clued up on this prior to you go, so you know what to anticipate and do not commit any faux pas. Most shops and attractions are closed on Friday since it’s their holy day, and it’s mentioned to be difficult to eat out when the vacation of Ramadan is getting observed, as this is a time of fasting.

Be cautious when eating and drinking out

Selection of spices on a Moroccan market

The food and drink is actually fantastic in Morocco, but as with any diverse atmosphere, it’s a very good idea to take some caution when consuming and drinking out, particularly as your body gets used to the change. To keep on the protected side, drink bottled water and even use it to brush your teeth, and take some Imodium to help settle your stomach.

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