Maggie // 3 Months

Marguerite Elaine

Our girl is three months old. It has turn out to be so apparent to me how really distinct babies are, even from birth. It’s so surprising how you can see their personalities peek by means of, and even a lot more surprising how two siblings can be so diverse.

Maggie is so thoughtful. She’ll appear at you or a toy or a book for a great lengthy while, thinking her thoughts. If you sit down with her one particular on one particular she’ll have a conversation with you, and will actually talk back and forth with ooh’s and aah’s. At times for the duration of a conversation, she’ll get fussy and just want to be left alone to play on her playmat for a bit. I hold seeing these flashes of myself in her — she’s watchful, patient, possibly a bit introverted. But always sweet and genuine, and very confused by her brother’s tantrums. 😉

She’s thisclose to rolling more than, and sleeps by means of the evening occasionally. She’s close to a permanent sleep-via scenario, but nevertheless suffers from reflux and has had a cold for the last few weeks so those items wake her up a bit. But when she wakes up she can nearly usually get herself back to sleep, or just requirements a swift check-in to settle back down.

Every day I am a lot more grateful for these two babies of mine. Marguerite Elaine has been such a sweet addition for us, and I usually say she feels like she belongs to the three of us, Ryan, Henry, and me. xoxo

P.S. Henry’s months are correct here. And Maggie’s are right here.

Marguerite Elaine

Beautiful Certainly

Maggie // Two Months

Two month old baby girl

Sweet Marguerite is two massive months old! I’m sure I sound like a broken record but I can’t think how time flies. And, it seems, time flies even faster with a second baby. We are deep into life more than here, passing milestones like crazy among our two small nuggets and attempting our ideal to sit in every single moment and appreciate it just before it passes. Maggie is just a small doll and she wanted to swing by and tell you what’s what with her these days.

She’s an observer. She’ll sit quietly and watch folks/toys/fans/whatever is in front of her forever. Till you get in front of her and encourage her to speak and then she’ll give you an earful of cooing and ahhhh’s and she’ll smile for you as lengthy as you like. I’m wondering if she’ll keep like that, simply because that’s type of how I am — an introverted extrovert who just requirements a little coaxing. She’s on a rockstar schedule in the course of the day, consuming every three hours and napping in in between. At night we’re still… operating out the kinks. 😉 She goes to sleep at eight and  wakes around 3 am and six am to consume. Which I guess could be a lot worse! She isn’t the very best of friends with her carseat and just does not recognize why she has to be strapped in there. Until she falls asleep, then she’ll sleep in it for a great 2 hours. She loves it when Daddy whistles, and when Mama blows raspberries. Bath time is like her personal individual little spa day. She’s super into it. And that, close friends, is our Maggie. xoxo

P.S. Maggie at a single month! And Henry at two months!

Beautiful Indeed