Leading ideas to help you Prepare for your Trip to Japan

It’s fair to say that Japan is really a country like no other, so it is no wonder that it welcomes a record quantity of guests each and every year. Taking a trip to Japan can be fairly a massive culture shock for westerners (and beyond), and there might be a couple of components of your stay that you will want to be further ready for, to help you get the most out of your trip.

We’ve place together some suggestions for carrying out just that, so you can focus on getting an extraordinary time while you’re out there.

Invest in a really good phrase book

Miyajima Japan

One of the items that worries travellers about visiting Japan is that English isn’t quite broadly spoken over there, so if you don’t speak Japanese, it can be fairly a struggle to communicate. While it’s unlikely to be very as drastic as you think, there is definitely no harm in investing in a good phrase book, and studying some of the basics just before you go. You can even get a Japanese language app for your telephone to make life less difficult, although don’t overlook about the billing charges when using it.

Avoid leaving booking accommodation to the final minute

Accommodation in Japan can be truly pricey, so it is a good idea to book your hotels and so forth. as far in advance as you can. They’ll also be actually busy in peak seasons (such as Cherry Blossom Season) and in the key cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto, so hold an eye out for great deals, and aim to book them as quickly as you’ve booked your flights.

two girls in kimonos, one taking a selfie, in the torii gates, Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan

Invest in a excellent SIM card for your phone

As mentioned above, you’re most likely to rely on your telephone possibly a lot more in Japan than you would in lots of European nations for example, so you will soon uncover that you’ve racked up fairly a shocking phone bill. For that reason it is a good concept for peace of mind (and to save a LOT of money) to invest in a Japanese SIM card for your telephone ahead of you go.

Consider receiving a rail pass

Kyoto - Ryoanji garden spring cherry blossom

If you are looking to explore a lot of Japan (specifically by train) you must appear into methods of saving funds, time and effort at the stations, by booking a season pass in advance. This will be much much more practical than stopping to acquire a new ticket at each and every leg of your journey.

Book some need to-see attractions in advance

You will not require to book tickets to all the main attractions really far in advance, though it’s worth noting, if you want to be one hundred% guaranteed entry, there’s definitely no harm in carrying out so, especially if you are travelling for the duration of peak seasons.

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Leading Picks for Events At The XLIVE 2016 Conference

xlive-2016-lineup-posterThe live event production conference, XLIVE 2016, will be kicking off at the Tropicana Casino in Las Vegas from December 5-7, 2016. Previously identified as IMFCON and IFFS, the newly minted XLIVE is three days of conferences, workshops, and keynotes. As veterans, we know you can not hit every event, but here are a couple of that that MFW employees would like to attend.

Sunday Night Celebration At Hakkasan
December four, 2016 10:00pm

It is a conference attended by music festivals organizers, so you can bet there’s going to be plenty of parties. Commence your Vegas trip off appropriate with this opening evening shindig exactly where your badge gets you VIP entry.

Exhibit Hall Opens
December 5, 2016 12:00pm

In between panels, the exhibit hall is the place to be for networking. There’s over one hundred businesses here displaying off the latest in the reside event industry. Make positive to discover the Startup Showcase and catch a demo from these innovative businesses.

Press Pass – The Impact of Media Relationships On Festivals and Live Events
December five, 2016 3:30pm-4:ten pm

For you reside event folks that are wondering how to give us media folks all the warm fuzzies, this panel is a must. Russel Ward, owner and founder of the superb Confluence, will be heading up a panel of professionals to go over creating relationships with the press.

We Built This City On Rock &amp Roll – Making use of Festivals as a Catalyst For Inspiring and Revitalizing Communities
December 5, 2016 three:30 pm-four:ten pm

Festivals can not only bring cash back to a city, they can bring hope and pride. This panel will check out methods for using festivals as a catalyst for inspiring community development and improvement.

How Far We’ve Come – From Holograms to Wristbands, What’s Subsequent in Reside Occasion Tech?
December 6, 2016 12:20pm-1:10pm

We’re tech geeks here at Music Festival Wizard – I even spoke about festival technology final year at this conference. There’s often something shinier on the horizon and this panel will illuminate the latest tech coming to a festival close to you.

The New Reality – How AR/VR Are Defining The Subsequent Generation of Festivals
December 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:50pm

Like I just said, we’re tech geeks, and virtual reality is on its way to becoming the next festival frontier. This panel will discover the prospective cost and encounter barriers on bringing this tech to the reside expertise.

Game On – How The Downtown Grand Became The Hub For The Las Vegas eSports Scene
December 6, 2016 11:25am-12:ten pm

Extended mocked as fringe events for gaming nerds, eSports has gone mainstream about the world. Along with that newfound reputation, comes chance. In “Game On”, two Las Vegas vets will tell the story how the Downtown Grand became the initial casino to open an on-website eSports lounge whilst also applying to turn out to be the 1st casino in America to offer betting on a reside eSports tournament.

Beer Necessities – How Beer Festivals Have Emerged As A Global Phenomenon
December six, 2016 5:00pm-five:50pm

Seeing as 65% of the MFW owners are amateur beer brewers and 100% of our employees loves beer festivals, we’re not shocked to see the craft beer industry exploding. There’s definitely no confirmation of this, but we’ll just assume there will be a kegger at this panel.

Baller Status – How VIP Experiences Are Influencing The Festival Landscape
December 7, 2016 2:00pm-2:50pm

Back in they day, VIP meant skipping to the front of the line and a maybe a devoted space. Oh, how the times have changed, and VIP perks have evolved into their own art kind. This panel takes on the evolution of festival pricing and dips into strategies on how to supply VIP packages without having alienating your basic admission crowd.

XLIVE 2016 Featured Speaker Lineup
Billboard and Hollywood Reporter President John Amato
Eventbrite Co-Founder &amp CEO Julia Hartz
Red Frog Events Co-CEO Ryan Kunkel
Founders Entertainment Co-Founder &amp Partner Jordan Wolowitz
Food Network &amp Cooking Channel New York City Wine &amp Food Festival Managing Director John Trumble
AEG/Goldenvoice VP of Worldwide Partnerships Caroline Frye Burruss
Soundslinger/Okeechobee Music &amp Arts Festival Founder/Chief Inventive Officer Paul Peck
Charleston Wine + Meals Executive Director Gillian Zettler
Creative Artists Agency Head – CAA Culinary Andrew Chason
AEG Senior Vice President Global Partnerships Mark Faber
Newport Folk &amp Newport Jazz Festivals Executive Producer Jay Sweet
Live Nation VP Strategic Initiatives Tobias Ekman
C3 Presents President of Shaky Festivals Tim Sweetwood
AC Entertainment &amp Forecastle Founder &amp Captain JK McKnight
ESL/Turtle Entertainment America CEO Craig Levine
Twitch VP &amp eSports Evangelist Andy Swanson
Airbnb Head of Worldwide Hospitality &amp Strategy Chip Conley
AC Entertainment Vice President Strategic Partnerships Jeff Cuellar
WME/IMG Global Head of eSports Tobias Sherman
Noise Pop Industries Founder Kevin Arnold
Delaware North Chief Advertising Officer Todd Merry
City Winery CEO Michael Dorf
SFX Entertainment Managing Director – North America Jacob Smid
Anheuser Busch Worldwide Director – Innovation Tina Wung
Chipotle Manager – National Events Scott Robinson
Osheaga Music &amp Arts Festival Director of Marketing &amp PR Sandra Rinaldi
Delaware North CMO Todd Merry
NCompass International Co-Founder &amp CEO/President Donna Graves
Robot Picnic President Philip Blain
SnowGlobe Music Festival Chief Advertising Officer Jeff Lesan
Prime Social Group Managing Director Adam Lynn
The RKET Group President Ryan Kruger
Zeitgeist Artist Management Owner Jordan Kurland
Eventbrite Enterprise Technique &amp Solutions Manager Biasha Mitchell
Nation Music Association Director – Digital Method Meryl Johnson
542 Entertainment President Billie Jo Aasen
City Parks Foundation Basic Manager – Central Park Summerstage Bruce Wheeler
Downtown Grand Hotel &amp Casino Las Vegas Chairman Seth Schorr
Ticketfly Head of Festivals Jeff Kreinik
Northside Media Group Founder Scott Stedman North Coast Music Festival Companion Max Wagner
Brewgaloo/Higher Raleigh Merchants Association Executive Director Jennifer Martin
DoStuff Media CEO Scott Owens
Toronto International Film Festival Branded Content Lead Evan Dell’Aquila
Treefort Music Fest Founder &amp Producer Lori Shandro Outen
Republic Reside Sponsorship &amp Strategic Partnerships Adam Grosze
Bumbershoot Music &amp Arts Festival/A single Reel Executive Director Chris Weber
Las Vegas Convention &amp Guests Authority VP Worldwide Organization Sales Chris Meyer
Global Citizen Festival Occasion Director David Beame
CID Entertainment CEO Dan Berkowitz
VR Playhouse CEO Christina Heller
Eventbrite Head of Music Marketing Shana Fong
Gilroy Garlic Festival Executive Director Brian Bowe
MusicfestNW Presents Project Pabst Operations Director Matt Manza
The Wine &amp Food Foundation of Texas Executive Director Peggy Hanley
Kaboo Del Mar Festival SVP Advertising Brian Wingerd
Middle Waves Music Festival Co-Chair Alison Gerardot
Insomniac Events Director of Business Development Joe Silberzweig
Major Events International President Stephen Millard
Halifax Pop Explosion Festival Executive Director James Boyle
Fest300 Creative Director Eamon Armstrong
SFX Entertainment &amp Electric Zoo Director Adam Richman
TuneIn Sr. Director Artist Partnerships &amp Branded Content Charles Raggio
542 Entertainment COO Cory Popiuk
Barcelona Enterprises CEO Alan Semsar
Ticket Galaxy Head of Music Partnerships Aatish Patel
MCP Presents Festival Operations Director Val Harris
Winter Craft Beer Festival Co-Founder Ross Bowdey
Bacon &amp Beer Classic/Cannonball Productions CEO Kate Levenstien
Middle Waves Music Festival Co-Chair Matt Kelley
POP Montreal Director of Brand Partnerships Olivia Diamond
Left Hand Brewing Company Community &amp Events Manager Josh Goldberg
The Why Co. Founder Jacob Matthews
IWSC Group CEO Allen Gibbons
Narus Advisors LLC Companion Chris Grove
Kona Brewers Festival Executive Director Kate Jacobson
Vindiego Wine &amp Meals Festival Executive Producer David Fraschetti
Motley Brews Senior Event Manager Lee Flint
Mohegan Sun Public Events Manager Krista Could
CLEVR CEO Japheth Dillman
Vinofest DC Founder Justin Harrison
Big Texas Beer Fest Co-Founder Chad Montgomery
Fuse Social Media Manager Frankie Greek
Fountain Square Music Festival Executive Director Adam Pedersen
Feathr Co-Founder &amp President Aidan Augustin
Tiqiq CEO Jesse Lawrence
Diageo Worldwide Senior Brand Manager – Smirnoff Justin Medcraft
Blur Parties/Toast Nebraska Vice President Stacy Leners
Treefort Music Fest Co-Founder &amp Associate Producer Drew Lorona
Dancefestopia Music Festival/Borda Productions Co-founder &amp Festival Organizer Doug Bordegon
Urban Seed VP Of Culinary Partnerships Jolene Mannina
VFD Marketing Managing Companion Elie Deshe
Northern Nights Music Festival Co-Founder Andrew Borgelt
Taste Of Pennsylvania/CrocodileDog Advertising and marketing Owner Matthew Davis
Gaming Study Partners Managing Director Alex Igelman
The Confluence Founder Russell Ward

Music Festival Wizard

Leading suggestions for Understanding a new Language as you Travel

Travelling to new cultures is one of the very best experiences ever, especially when they are completely diverse from the a single you are accustomed to. With new cultures comes new languages, which can definitely be interesting, but can of course also complicate items a tiny along the way!

If you are hoping to get the quite most out of your encounter and feel like adopting some of the language in your new place would be a good way to do that, then fantastic! And we’re also here to support. Here are some top guidelines for studying a new language as you travel.

Listen as significantly as achievable

new lang 3When understanding a new language – or anything, for that matter – listening and observing as considerably as feasible from the starting is the greatest way to choose it up. Via mimicry you will be capable to choose up some of the basics relatively quickly, and will also pick up some far more place-distinct colloquialisms, which can usually be fairly exciting, and you are unlikely to pick these up from a phrase book!

Invest in a very good phrase book

That becoming stated, a great phrase book can be your lifeline and your ideal pal. Invest in a actually very good one particular before you go, and check out some apps that you can download on your telephone so that you can keep learning all the time, and constantly have some thing to fall back on if you get a bit stuck. In the early days of learning, they’re genuinely beneficial to as if you get genuinely stuck, you can basically point at items you need to have and show it to the locals.

Attempt as much as possible

Thank you in different languages

Simply providing it a go as much as you can will be actually crucial, as it will show the locals that you’re genuinely placing the effort in, and are trying as challenging as you can to respect their way of life and to adapt. This will be valuable as not only will it show your respect but it will also most probably make them far more probably to assist you if you occur to need to have it.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Sprechen Sie..? Sprachen, Vektor

If you do need aid and you are struggling with the language, or there’s one thing you can not very grasp, do not be afraid to ask for help. You are bound to discover someone wherever you are in the world that will speak even standard English or who will know someone who does, so you are unlikely to be too stuck for too extended.

Resist speaking your native language

Although it can be tempting if you do uncover a person who speaks English really properly, steer clear of speaking it with them and attempt to speak the new language as a lot as possible so it becomes a habit. The far more you use it, the easier it will turn into, soon after all!

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