Festivals you have to Knowledge ahead of you Die

Festival season is upon us, so prepare yourselves for selfies of hipsters drenched in mud filling up your news feeds for the next couple of months. Nevertheless, if this is not truly your factor, or you want to encounter anything a little a lot more exotic, then overlook Glastonbury since we’re right here to assist.

We’ve handpicked some of our favourite fabulous festivals from across the globe to show you just how amazing life is outdoors of grungy music festivals. No tent needed.

Carnival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

samba drums

Carnival is a really captivating and colourful encounter. Very colourful, in truth. Dubbed as ‘the world’s largest party’, carnival-goers flock to Brazil’s sunny capital in their millions each and every year for the 5-day party. Jam packed with exotic floats, potent parades, world-class meals and drink and of course, lots of music and dancing, this is a single celebration exactly where every person is invited, and no one particular will want to miss.

Lantern Festival – Pinxgi, Tawain

If you like your festivals a small far more chilled out and relaxing, but nonetheless captivating and gorgeous, this may possibly be the a single for you. Featured in the American Discovery Channels edition of ‘Fantastic Festivals of the World’, this 1 has a wealthy history, as it was originally designed to help ward off evil spirits. Now, nevertheless, it is basically a joyous celebration of life, where wishes are made alternatively, as lanterns are released in their thousands.

Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

Clinking glasses with beer in Bavarian pub

Beer lovers across the globe – this is no doubt top of your list! And with very good reason, too. Each year, Munich in Germany plays host to beer enthusiasts from all corners of the planet for a whopping 16 days of drinking, dining, dancing and donning the lederhosen as you celebrate Germany’s rich (and really tasty) culture.

La Tomatina – Bunol, Spain

This is a festival for these who like anything a small different… ok, a lot various. It’s essentially a gigantic meals fight – on the last Wednesday of every August, men and women flock to Spain to throw ripe tomatoes at each and every other. What started as a simple feud in between a few young men in 1945, has now transformed into a globally recognised and very entertaining annual event.

Holi – Hindu celebration worldwide

Festival Holi in Barcelona.

Essences of the religious Hindu festival of Holi have resonated in wider activities in society, such as the Colour Run, and it’s not hard to see why. Holi is a carnival of colours that celebrates good’s triumph more than evil, where folks take component by smearing themselves and every single other with vibrant colours, and share food and drink with one one more. For that reason, the festival is not all just about being lovely and colourful it’s about celebrating togetherness, forgiveness and love.

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