Content Friday + The Wee Small Hours


Do you ever go via a stretch where you just wake up in the middle of the evening with too numerous thoughts? I’m in a single of those. Quite positive mine is a pregnancy point right now, but I’ve been there before when I wasn’t pregnant too. It is like your brain is just so loaded up with stuff it wakes you up to either worry about it or sort it out or anything. It occurred this week and rather of attempting to locate sleep once again I just got up and went to the gym extra early. On the way out of the fitness center I caught the sunrise and geez was it worth it. (Even although the photo I got doesn’t even halfway do it justice.) Something about these wee tiny quiet morning hours is calming for me, and I ended up becoming glad to have been awake so early.

Anything maintaining you up these days? For your sake I hope not, but if it is, I hope you catch the sunrise. xoxo

Beautiful Certainly