Clyde Stubblefield drummer dead from Kidney failure at 73

Clyde Stubblefield drummer dead from Kidney failure at 73Photo:

RIP Clyde Stubblefield. The lengthy-time James Brown drummer, who became the most sampled percussionist in hip-hop history, has sadly passed away aged 73 due to kidney failure.

His rhythm pattern on the 1970 hit ‘Funky Drummer’ is stated to be the most sampled in hip-hop history with the likes of Run DMC, Raekwon, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, and N.W.A all employing it. It has been utilised in a quantity of other genres also and Prince regarded him a single of his drumming idols. The influence it has had is a staggering achievement.

Whilst he was playing with James Brown from 1965 to 1971, he played on the Godfather of Funk’s most memorable tracks which includes ‘Cold Sweat,’ ‘Ain’t It Funky Now,’ ‘I Got the Feelin’ and Brown’s classic LP Cold Sweat and Sex Machine.

Stubblefield deserved songwriting royalties but never ever got them. “All my life I’ve been questioning about my cash,” Stubblefield stated in a 2011 New York Occasions interview.

Of coming up with ‘Funky Drummer’, he said: “We have been sitting up in the studio, getting ready for a session, and I guess when I got set up I just began playing a pattern. Started playing anything. The bassline came in and the guitar came in and we just had a rhythm going, and if Brown liked it, I just mentioned, ‘Well, I will place some thing with it.'”

“All the drum patterns I played with Brown was my own he in no way told me how to play or what to play,” Stubblefield told SF Weekly in 2012. “I just played my own patterns, and the hip-hoppers and what ever, the men and women that employed the material possibly paid him, perhaps. But we got nothing. I got none of it. It was all my drum solution.”

Stubblefield was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1943 also played for Otis Redding in the early 60s prior to joining James Brown.

Whilst in James Brown’s group he played alongside John “Jabo” Starks and collectively they helped write the definition of funk music.

When Stubblefield left Brown’s band, he and Starks reunited to kind the Funkmasters, resulting in a pair of albums and he released some solo albums including 1997’s Revenge of the Funk Drummer.

Considering he was never ever paid effectively for his contribution to music when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2001 he did not have health insurance coverage to pay for the treatment and, according to Billboard, philanthropic Prince stepped up to save his life and spend the $ 80,000 dollar healthcare bills.

Meanwhile, the legendary Bootsy Collins has paid tribute via Twitter:

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Updates from Babytown

Mom watching baby nap

We are deep in it, people! I thought I’d send a little dispatch from Babytown in true time, to let you know how we’re adjusting as a party of 4. It is wild and great and totally scary and totally remarkable. Here’s what’s been going on.

SLEEP This is everyone’s 1st query! Are we sleeping? Well, we have a newborn so we’re not exactly luxuriating in our beds for hours on end. But yes, this infant does let us sleep! She wakes to consume about each and every three-4 hours at evening, so I get a couple of two-three hour chunks of sleep and Ryan gets a small a lot more. When I can’t maintain my eyes open after I feed her, I hand her off to Ryan to get her back to bed. The beauty of this babe is that she truly only wakes at night when she’s hungry, and she’s pretty effortless to get back down. I have memories of walking and shushing with henry for hours on end his first few weeks. We nevertheless require to nail down a morning routine with getting her and Henry both up and fed and clothed at the starting of the day (not to mention receiving mom and dad showered!), but we’ll get there.

Consuming I’ve been blessed with two babes who have taken to nursing truly properly. She eats like a champ from her extremely first latch a few minutes following she was born. In the meantime, I want to eat every little thing in sight I forgot how starving I get when I’m breastfeeding.

HENRY Yet another factor we get asked all the time is how Henry is handling the new child. And I’m so content to say (and knocking on all the wood) that he’s been an absolute dream. I was sort of worried because he’s approaching these terrible twos and is prone to tantrums and big feelings these days. But when it comes to Maggie, he’s gentle, sweet, curious, generous. It’s incredible to watch him fall in love with her a small bit far more every single day, and it tends to make me so glad that they are siblings. There’s something truly specific there. (Side note: It ain’t all sweet. We did have one particular main meltdown exactly where Henry was convinced that he need to be sitting in Maggie’s carseat.)

TWO BABES And finally, how the heck is it to suddenly juggle two youngsters? It’s challenging, yo. It is even tough appropriate now and Mags is nonetheless sleeping most of the time. So it’s only gonna get tougher. Proper now we are both taking some time off of work and so we always have two sets of grownup hands to deal with the kiddos. But throughout the couple of times that I’ve been alone with each of them, my brain type of spins with the possibilities of almost everything that could go awry when a toddler and a newborn each have big requirements and demands. There was 1 time I was alone, Maggie was crying since she needed to be put down for a nap, Henry was crying due to the fact he wanted to be picked up and read books, and there was no explaining to him that if he could wait for about 60 seconds I would be able read with him. I really like that our kids are reasonably close in age (22 months specifically), but with a toddler that age there’s extremely tiny reasoning or logic. So you have to discover ways to help him recognize about waiting, patience, and all that. BUT. There are small moments exactly where I can see how it will all fit together one day soon, and I totally love rolling with our squad of four. It feels complete, and so great.

SWEET MARGUERITE As a tiny individual, Maggie is amazing. She’s quite mellow and only cries when she demands some thing. When she gets it, she’s chill again. She’s quite alert and has these vibrant eyes that appear at you and you really feel like she knows factors. She’s got a completely expressive face and often looks at me like grownups do. When she sneezes or hiccups she sounds like a dog’s squeaky toy. She likes listening to me sing (which is a lot more than I can say for her brother, ahem), is a tummy time champ, and has weirdly lengthy feet. At two and a half weeks she’s grown an inch in length and place on about a pound and a half. That is tough work, yo!

So that is all from Babytown for now! Remain tuned for far more updates on this wild, standard, great life. xoxo

Beautiful Indeed

100 Nights of Summer time Highlights From NOS Primavera Sound 2016

Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-25

Editor’s Note: This post was initially published on our mini-web site 100 Nights of Summer time. I’m at present traveling across Europe to 15 festivals in 15 weekends in 15 countries. See more pictures and stories from last year’s adventure here.  -VV

100 Nights of Summer has landed in Portugal for the annual NOS Primavera Sound Festival. The smaller sized sibling of the Barcelona mega-festival requires location in Porto’s lovely Parque da Cidade (City Park). It also occurs to be across the street from the beach. Here are just a few of my preferred moments from the weekend. Keep tuned for a a lot more in depth assessment later on this week.

Friday, June 9

five:30 pm

Welcome to Portugal!


Every single seat is a good seat

Kick off your shoes and throw down a blanket. The two primary stages at NOS Primavera Sound really feel like a picnic at the park and are set on a gentle hill with optimal views of the bands. So comfortable, you may possibly fall asleep.
Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-23


#festivallove @ Deerhunter
Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-6


Meet a festival fan: Juan from Portugal (on the left)

“I’m not normally like this, but festivals make me more expressive…and I’ve also had a handful of drinks.”  – In response to my compliment about his sick dance moves for the duration of Deerhunter.
Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-51


Stay weird forever Sigur RósVito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-53


Parquet Courts

Saturday, June ten


The individuals of Porto live like there’s no tomorrow

– Lisbon festie explaining to me the difference between the two cities.


Destroyer and sunny skies


Brian Wilson performs all of Pet Sounds

I know he’s a legend and all that, but I need some far more Dinosaur Jr.
Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-11


Crowdsurfing @ Dinosaur Jr.


Battles blows my thoughts

I’ve listened to this NYC band on the web, but often it takes a live expertise to genuinely connect with an artist. Battles wins the award for my top set at NOS Primavera with their crazy power performance.
Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-16



Three feathered fans attempt to uncover a spot on the grass prior to legend PJ Harvey requires the stage.

Sunday, June 11


Flower crowns all about

Two festivals in a row have featured these flower crown creation stations. I’m calling it a trend of the season due to the fact I’m a self-declared festival professional and can make bold statements like this.

Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-15Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-9Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-5


Modern Family members cameo

“Our mayor appears just like Phil Dunphy from the show Contemporary Family members.” This was told to me from a fellow reporter throughout a press conference. I’ll let you determine for yourself. Bonus points to the paparazzi shooting a image from above the fence.
Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-31


All festivals ought to be employing reusable cups

This is how you hold a festival clean and reduced your environmental footprint. Charge a $ two.50 deposit for a reusable cup. The NOS Primavera Sound grounds have been spotless all weekend.
Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-24


“It was wonderful. I liked it a lot and the music was good.”

– Working with fellow press reporters on our testimonials.


Ty Segall killing it again

Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-34


Late night snacking

Slow roasted pork. Cured meats. Soft cheese. Yum. Vito Valentinetti NOS Primavera Sound-19

Music Festival Wizard

Photo Gallery: Faces and Exciting from Sonar Barcelona 2016

The one hundred Nights of Summer tour stopped by Barcelona to sample all the electronic treats of Sonar 2016. You’ve got to enjoy an outdoor EDM festival. Everyone is smiling, satisfied, and desires their picture taken. Right here are just a few of the enjoyable loving fans I got a likelihood to meet along with all the art and creativity that Sonar could dish out. Click here to see the very first batch of our Sonar photo coverage.

Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-75Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-76Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-77Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-78Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-79Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-80Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-81Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-82Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-83Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-84Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-85Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-86Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-87Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-88Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-89Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-90Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-91Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-92Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-93Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-94Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-95Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-96Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-97Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-98Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-99Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-100Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-101Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-102Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-103Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-104Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-105Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-106Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-107Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-108Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-109Vito Valentinetti Sonar Barcelona-110

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