50 Most Common Music Festivals in the World: The MFW50 Annual Report for 2016


Lollapalooza Berlin

It is that time of year when the employees at Music Festival Wizard crunch the data from millions of visitors to establish the most well-known festivals of 2016. Our methodology is straightforward — we take the data from 5.7 million festival fans that visited the site and see who rises to the top.

The MFWizard50 is divided up into our 3 most common music festival regions: North America, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe. Information is taken from the starting of July 2015 (when we posted our 1st 2016 festival) to December 31, 2016.

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Most Popular Festivals in North America 2016

It was good year for rookie fests. A significant New York City festival is often going to make a enormous splash, and the inaugural Panorama (#11) generated adequate buzz to flirt with a leading ten spot. The organizers of Coachella (#1) returned with the Desert Trip Festival (#28), aka Oldchella, that brought legendary names to the desert for a fall festival. Florida’s latest entry into the festival market place, Okeechobee Festival (#24), completed close to the middle, whilst electronic festival newcomer Sundown (#13) in Southern California, made a surprising burst towards the leading of the list.

There’s dozens of genre-certain festivals for nation, electronic, metal, and jam, but when it comes to hip-hop, the festival globe falls quick. Our data from this year show fans hungry for much more hip-hop with the Minneapolis primarily based Soundset (#5) landing a leading 5 spot and the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival (#34) landing .

  1. Coachella Music Festival 2016
  2. KAABOO 2016
  3. Outside Lands 2016
  4. Bonnaroo Music Festival 2016
  5. Soundset 2016
  6. Governors Ball Music Festival 2016
  7. Osheaga 2016
  8. Austin City Limits 2016
  9. Snowglobe 2016
  10. Bottlerock 2016
  11. Panorama Music Festival 2016
  12. Lollapalooza Chicago 2016
  13. Sundown Music Festival 2016
  14. South By Southwest (SXSW) 2016
  15. Electric Zoo 2016
  16. Voodoo Knowledge 2016
  17. FYF Fest 2016
  18. Summerfest 2016
  19. Joshua Tree Fall 2016
  20. Shaky Knees Festival 2016
  21. Electric Forest 2016
  22. Welcome to Rockville 2016
  23. Hangout Festival 2016
  24. Okeechobee Music Festival 2016
  25. Sasquatch 2016
  26. Ottawa Bluesfest 2016
  27. Picture Festival 2016
  28. Desert Trip 2016
  29. Bumbershoot 2016
  30. Firefly Music Festival 2016
  31. Mysteryland USA 2016
  32. Joshua Tree Spring 2016
  33. California Roots 2016
  34. Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival 2016
  35. North Coast Music Festival 2016
  36. Euphoria Festival 2016
  37. Lightning in a Bottle 2016
  38. The Wrecking Ball 2016
  39. Sonic Bloom 2016
  40. Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2016
  41. SweetWater 420 Festival 2016
  42. Boston Calling 2016
  43. Burning Man 2016
  44. Quebec City Summer Festival 2016
  45. Ohana Festival 2016
  46. Mountain Jam 2016
  47. Woogie Weekend 2016
  48. Bunbury Music Festival 2016
  49. Northern Invasion 2016
  50. Gasparilla Music Festival 2016

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eight Festivals in 8 Countries: We Are Europe Returns for 2017

Photo Credit: Gaetan Clement

Photo Credit: Gaetan Clement

Last summer season, the festival association We Are Europe, joined the forces of eight various events more than 8 diverse nations. Their mission was to “promote, create, and create revolutionary cultural practices, defined by creative diversity and exchanges”.

Now these ideal festie buddies have released their schedule for next year along with every single festival’s particular guests. For instance, Sonar in Barcelona will invite Germany’s c/o Pop Festival and The Netherland’s TodaysArts to present their own artistic and cultural vision at Sonar. It’s a exciting and heady exchange of suggestions that goes nicely past the music with speakers, conferences, and artists all acquiring into the mix.


01 – 05 March, 2017
Graz, Austria
Elevate – Music &amp Arts invites: Insomnia &amp Sónar
Elevate – Discourse &amp Activism invites: Movement + New Concepts &amp Sónar+D

19 – 22 April, 2017
Belgrade, Serbia
Resonate Live invites: c/o pop Festival &amp Sónar
Resonate Conference invites: c/o pop Convention &amp Sónar+D

24 – 28 May, 2017
Lyon, France
Nuits Sonores invites: Reworks Festival &amp TodaysArt
European Lab Forum invites: Reworks Agora &amp TodaysArt Symposium

14 – 17 June, 2017
Barcelona, Spain
Sónar invites: c/o pop Festival &amp TodaysArt
Sónar+D invites: c/o pop Convention &amp TodaysArt Symposium

16 – 20 August, 2017
Cologne, Germany
c/o pop Festival invites: Elevate – Music &amp Arts &amp Resonate Reside
c/o pop Convention invites: Elevate – Discourse &amp Activism &amp Resonate Conference

13 – 17 September, 2017
Thessaloniki, Greece
Reworks Festival invites: Insomnia &amp Nuits sonores
Reworks Agora invites: European Lab forum &amp Movement + New Tips

22 – 23 September, 2017
The Hague, The Netherlands
TodaysArt invites: Resonate Reside &amp Reworks Festival
TodaysArt Symposium invites: Resonate Conference &amp Reworks Agora

26 – 28 October, 2017
Tromsø, Norway
Insomnia invites: Elevate – Music &amp Arts &amp Nuits sonores
Movement + New Concepts invites: Elevate – Discourse &amp Activism &amp European Lab forum

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What’s Taking place This Weekend: Music Festivals for October 14-16, 2016

Desert Trip 2016 Poster

October 14th is National Mother’s Day in Belarus, National Desert Day in the United States, and the begin of yet another weekend of music festivals around the world. This weekend’s Rocktober schedule attributes fests from all over The Americas, like Argentina, Mexico, and the USA.

Music Festival Wizard

Festivals you have to Knowledge ahead of you Die

Festival season is upon us, so prepare yourselves for selfies of hipsters drenched in mud filling up your news feeds for the next couple of months. Nevertheless, if this is not truly your factor, or you want to encounter anything a little a lot more exotic, then overlook Glastonbury since we’re right here to assist.

We’ve handpicked some of our favourite fabulous festivals from across the globe to show you just how amazing life is outdoors of grungy music festivals. No tent needed.

Carnival – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

samba drums

Carnival is a really captivating and colourful encounter. Very colourful, in truth. Dubbed as ‘the world’s largest party’, carnival-goers flock to Brazil’s sunny capital in their millions each and every year for the 5-day party. Jam packed with exotic floats, potent parades, world-class meals and drink and of course, lots of music and dancing, this is a single celebration exactly where every person is invited, and no one particular will want to miss.

Lantern Festival – Pinxgi, Tawain

If you like your festivals a small far more chilled out and relaxing, but nonetheless captivating and gorgeous, this may possibly be the a single for you. Featured in the American Discovery Channels edition of ‘Fantastic Festivals of the World’, this 1 has a wealthy history, as it was originally designed to help ward off evil spirits. Now, nevertheless, it is basically a joyous celebration of life, where wishes are made alternatively, as lanterns are released in their thousands.

Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany

Clinking glasses with beer in Bavarian pub

Beer lovers across the globe – this is no doubt top of your list! And with very good reason, too. Each year, Munich in Germany plays host to beer enthusiasts from all corners of the planet for a whopping 16 days of drinking, dining, dancing and donning the lederhosen as you celebrate Germany’s rich (and really tasty) culture.

La Tomatina – Bunol, Spain

This is a festival for these who like anything a small different… ok, a lot various. It’s essentially a gigantic meals fight – on the last Wednesday of every August, men and women flock to Spain to throw ripe tomatoes at each and every other. What started as a simple feud in between a few young men in 1945, has now transformed into a globally recognised and very entertaining annual event.

Holi – Hindu celebration worldwide

Festival Holi in Barcelona.

Essences of the religious Hindu festival of Holi have resonated in wider activities in society, such as the Colour Run, and it’s not hard to see why. Holi is a carnival of colours that celebrates good’s triumph more than evil, where folks take component by smearing themselves and every single other with vibrant colours, and share food and drink with one one more. For that reason, the festival is not all just about being lovely and colourful it’s about celebrating togetherness, forgiveness and love.

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What’s Happening This Weekend: Music Festivals for Could 28-30, 2016

Photo Credit: Chuck Manley

Photo Credit: Chuck Manley

It’s music festival Armageddon as the 2016 festival season kicks into higher gear with the single busiest weekend of the year. The Memorial Day Weekend in the United States and the Spring Bank Holiday in the UK have aligned right here at the finish of the might for a best storm of festivals. Here is the rundown for the weekend and verify out some of our picks in the United States proper right here.

  • We Are FSTVL 2016 London, UK May 28-29. 2016
  • Rock Im Revier 2016 Gelsenkirchen, Germany May 26-28, 2016
  • Rock in Rio Lisboa 2016 Lisbon, Portugal May 19-20, &amp 26-28, 2016
  • The CBC Music Festival 2016 Toronto, ON May 28, 2016
  • Soundset 2016 St Paul, MN May 29, 2016
  • Bottlerock 2016 Napa, CA May 27-29, 2016
  • Bearded Theory Festival 2016 Derbyshire, UK May 26-29. 2016
  • Boston Calling 2016 Boston, MA May 27-29, 2016
  • Maryland Deathfest 2016 Baltimore, MD May 26-29, 2016
  • Rocklahoma 2016 Pryor, OK May 27-29, 2016
  • River City Rockfest 2016 San Antonio, TX May 29, 2016
  • Summer season Camp 2016 Chillicothe, IL May 27-29, 2016
  • DelFest 2016 Cumberland, MD May 26-29, 2016
  • Sound City 2016 Liverpool, UK May 28-29, 2016
  • Widespread Men and women 2016 Oxford and Southampton, UK May 28-29, 2016
  • Dark Star Jubilee 2016 Thornville, OH May 27-29, 2016
  • Really like Saves the Day 2016 Bristol, UK May 28-29, 2016
  • Rockavaria 2016 München, Germany May 27-29, 2016
  • California Roots 2016 Monterey, CA May 27-29, 2016
  • Dot to Dot UK 2016 Manchester, Bristol, Nottingham, UK May 27-29, 2016
  • Lost Village 2016 Lincolnshire, UK May 27-29, 2016
  • Spring Break Island 2016 Pag Island, Croatia May 26-29, 2016
  • Nation 500 2016 Daytona, FL May 27-29, 2016
  • BBC Radio 1’s Huge Weekend 2016 Exeter, UK May 28-29, 2016
  • Neon Desert 2016 El Paso, TX May 28-29, 2016
  • Liverpool Sound City 2016 LIVERPOOL, UK May 28-29, 2016
  • Sunset Music Festival 2016 Tampa, FL May 28-29, 2016
  • Sasquatch 2016 George, WA May 27-30, 2016
  • Movement 2016 Detroit, MI May 28-30, 2016
  • Lightning in a Bottle 2016 Bradley, CA May 25-30, 2016
  • Punk Rock Bowling Las Vegas 2016 Las Vegas, NV May 28-30, 2016

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