The Scene: Falling For This is Not a Adore Song Festival 2016


one hundred Nights of Summer: Days #1-3
Location: Nîmes, France
Stats: 50 Artists, 4 Stages, 3 Days
Genre: Indie Rock

Editor’s Note: This post was initially published on our mini-site 100 Nights of Summer season. I’m at present traveling across Europe to 15 festivals in 15 weekends in 15 countries. See more photos and stories from last year’s adventure right here.  -VV

The sunny skies of southern France welcomed me to one particular of the country’s biggest indie rock fests. This boutique festival held in the super charming city of Nîmes remains an undiscovered gem for obtaining up close and individual with some incredible acts. This is Not a Adore Song (TINALS) also impressed with the age diversity of the crowd. Households with modest young children rubbed shoulders with older rockers and teen hipsters.

Some highlights from the weekend:

Friday, June 3


Back to function

It’s been virtually just more than a year because I embarked on my prior adventure — 15 festivals, 15 nations, 15 weeks. It feels very good to be back. Very first quit is at TINALS at an indie rock festival that I only heard about a couple months ago when I stumbled across this super sick lineup.

This is Not a Love Song


My wrist has felt naked for the last six months


Dilly Dally in the Grand Hall

The 1st official show for 100 Nights of Summer! Katie Monks from Toronto’s Dilly Dally sounds like she smokes a pack of cigarettes chased by a fifth of Jack ahead of every show and just crushes it. Couldn’t be happier that this is the initial act I caught for the duration of 100 NOS..
Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-6

It may possibly be vibrant sunshine outside, but the Grand Hall makes each show really feel like a sweaty two:00am efficiency in a pitch black club. Here’s the song that produced the crowd go all nuts.


Ty Segall and the Muggers at the Flamingo Stage

It is nothing at all but vibrant sunshine as I head to my 1st outside show with Ty Segall and the Muggers. These guys are hitting the festival circuit hard this year and it’s worth it to catch the show as they bring a bit of swagger back into rock n’ roll.


Destroyer creating us really feel stuff


Meet the venue!

Paloma, the performing arts center of Nîmes is positioned on the northern edge of the city. It’s…an intriguing design and style to say the least. At some angles, it reminded me of “the beast slouching towards Bethlehem” and at other angles (and significantly less pretentious) it looked like a giant brown turd.Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-34Two of the four stages can be located in right here — the Grand Salle, a cavernous area with balcony and the super intimate dance friendly Club Paloma. Most of the action outdoors centers about the Flamingo Stage with up and comers performing just to the proper at the Mosquito Stage.


Foals rocking us into the evening

Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-2

Saturday, June 4


Clouds on the horizon

Even though enjoying a fast beer and picnic lunch ahead of heading into a show, the French guy subsequent to me points at the sky and says, “Look. A monster cloud”. He was correct, but it turned out to be a gentle monster and the rolling thunderstorms have been more than in hours. Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-23


Gospel punk with Algiers

Rain on the outdoors meant a packed hall on the inside. They completely delivered with a foot-stomping, ass-shaking set to a packed room in the La Grande Hall.

Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-17


Elvis has entered the building

If there’s a single breakout star of the weekend, it has to be French Elvis. I’ve seen plenty of “festival marriages”, but never ever one particular with a Las Vegas style ceremony comprehensive with a laugh-a-minute Elvis, guys in wedding dresses, and impromptu sing-a-longs.



Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-13


I’m peeing into a bucket of sawdust

Remarkable bathroom solution for a festival with these super clean composting bathroom facilities. I took these shots on a Saturday and the spot nevertheless appears spotless.


Art everywhere

This wasn’t at the festival but I identified this sick mural in a rain sewer across the street from TINALS under a McDonald’s parking lot.

Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-38


Dinosaur Jr. closing out Saturday night

I’m not the greatest photographer. Possibly it’s due to the fact for the duration of shows like this I just cannot quit jumping around. Be more skilled man. Anyway, Dinosaur Jr. nonetheless sounds fucking fantastic. Hopefully I’ll be capable to see them a couple of far more occasions this summer time.

Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr.

Sunday, June five


Meet A Festival Fan: Marcel from Switzerland

I don’t get starstruck by artists, but I do shed my thoughts when I see kick ass campers like this a single. Marcel and his buddy from have been camping in the parking lot for all 3 days and as I’m warned — “don’t smell very good.” They tell me about 50 others have been crashing right here for the festival. Then they offer me quite a bit of vodka. I’m ready for Sunday!

Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-36


Flower crowns, button crafting, and French drinking games

Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-26Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-25Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-16Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-24

Among the flower crowning, old college video games, hat design and style, and button workshops, there was plenty to keep busy among sets. There’s also some bizarre French peg throwing game that I never figured out.


The TINALS choir covers Destroyer’s Times Square

TINALS featured a roving choir that would break into song about the festival grounds. Here they are producing a unique look at a festival wedding. Watch for Elvis dropping some moves towards the end. Enjoyable reality: 1 of the singers ended up getting my Air BnB host.


Sunsets, Tortoise, and hamburgers

Following seeing drool-worthy meals all weekend, I decided to track down dinner at a single of the outstanding food trucks at TINALS. This disarmingly charming duo from FollyBun’s set me up in hamburger nirvana. Just seeing this image is generating me hungry once again.

Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-27

Complete of burgers and beer, I did handle to catch this fantastic set from Tortoise where I swear each member can play each instrument.

Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-32


Beach Residence finishing up TINALS 2016

Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-45 Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-46 Vito Valentinetti TINALS 2016-31

Music Festival Wizard