Best suggestions for Staying Secure when Travelling Solo

Going it alone when it comes to travelling is an exceptionally thrilling knowledge that has loads of advantages over going with a massive group of friends, or just with your one or two close friends. After all, you’re the boss and get to do what ever you like 24/7!

Probably the most significant concern of the solo traveller is security. Without having a buddy to watch your back, you are a lot more vulnerable to criminals and scam artists, as well as a couple of wellness worries along the way too. But the saying ‘safety in numbers’ isn’t usually correct either. Following all, a solo traveller can blend in far more easily than a group, and not drawing interest to your self as a tourist is a very good way to keep secure. Right here are a few suggestions for staying protected as a solo traveller.

Often book safe transport

One of the biggest issues for the solo travellers is acquiring from A to B in a new place, and transport in some components of the planet can be quite risky. Therefore, it is a very good concept exactly where feasible to plan a reliable, secure transport selection ahead of time. A reliable airport transfer service can be a large weight off your mind when you arrive in your new location.

Vintage young female passenger at the airport (shallow DOF colo

Make confident you have got somewhere to remain for the 1st couple of nights in a new location

Likewise, you must always aim to book a couple of nights’ remain in each and every new place you head to, so you can rest assured realizing you have got somewhere to go, and won’t have to wonder around until you locate somewhere. You should also verify they have a 24 hour reception desk so that you don’t uncover your self locked out if you have a late arrival, too.

Attempt to blend in and do as the locals do

You’ll generally want to keep away from looking like a tourist as considerably as feasible, as this can leave you vulnerable to opportunist thieves. This signifies things like stay away from obtaining your guide book in view when you’re out and about, hide your flashy camera, and steer clear of asking for directions as much as possible, even though this of course can be tempting if you’re a little lost or feel quite comfy.

Young female passenger on smart phone at gate waiting in termina

Trust your intuition

You are extremely probably to recognize whether or not you are in danger or not, as your gut is most likely to indicate when anything isn’t fairly correct. You should usually listen to this – if something feels risky, possibilities are, it is. Get oneself out of this circumstance as fast as feasible, and locate a secure spot.

Maintain your valuables safe and hidden

As mentioned above, steer clear of flashing your valuables about as these may possibly stick out like sore thumbs to the locals in some locations, and they’ll make you a large target for some criminals. Especially preserve your documentation safe and hidden at all instances, and make copies of these important documents as well in case anything should occur to the originals.

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European 2017 Headliner News! British Summer Time, Open’er, Best Kept Secret, Mad Cool

Following selecting up Radiohead, Poland’s mega-festival Open’er, has just announced that Foo Fighters will be joining the bill. Foo Fighters will also drop by Madrid and the Mad Cool Festival along with Green Day.

Genesis fans unite! Phil Collins will be showing up at British Summer season Time for his only European festival appearance. The show is scheduled for June 30, 2017.

The midweek INmusic Festival out of Croatia just nabbed Arcade Fire as their very first headliner. The band will also be heading to the Best Kept Secret Festival in The Netherlands.

Annie Mac Presents Lost &amp Identified will be in Malta this spring and have posted their first wave lineup announcement which will incorporate DJ supergroup J.E.S.U.S (Jackmaster, Eats Every thing, Seth Troxler, and Skream).

Music Festival Wizard

Arcade Fire for Holland&#039s Best Kept Secret Festival 2017

Arcade Fire

Friday 16th to Sunday 18th June 2017
Beekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands, Holland MAP
170 euros with camping – on sale 19/11/16

day-to-day capacity: 25000

last updated: Yesterday, 11:56am

Arcade Fire are the most current act confirmed for Holland’s Ideal Kept Secret festival which takes spot at Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek from Friday 16th until Sunday 18th June 2017.

The Saturday evening headliners join Sunday headliners Radiohead as the 1st brace of acts to be announced.

Tickets will be priced at 170 euros with camping. Tickets will go on sale at 10am on Saturday 19th November 2016.

The festival internet site has a forest, beach, swimming water, nearby bungalow park and campsite, facilities and food and drink outlets.

Friday 16th to Sunday 18th June 2017
Beekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands, Holland MAP
170 euros with camping – on sale 19/11/16

daily capacity: 25000

last updated: Yesterday, 11:56am

most recent on this festival News

Best Travel suggestions for Couples

If you are preparing a trip away with your significant other, regardless of whether a rapid weekend getaway or a transatlantic trek, you’re no doubt bursting with excitement and can not wait to get going. Soon after all, it is no doubt going to be the holiday of a lifetime, and what better individual to have by your side than your other half?!

Nevertheless, you may have also heard some couples holiday horror stories from your pals or household. Since travelling with your companion is not always simple, specially if it is a extended trip away. So we’ve put together some top travel suggestions for couples to help you to have a really enjoyable and successful trip, and to support you return residence nevertheless an item!

Divide up the travel responsibilities

Newlywed couple planning the trip for the honeymoon. Monuments and plane background backlit on sunset sky.

It’s a actually great idea that from the get go, you share the stressful travel responsibilities so that there’s not just one particular person carrying out all the difficult work. That is quite significantly a guaranteed way to make tensions high, unless one of you loves uber organisation, of course. Make certain that you each know the itineraries (if going on a extended trip) and that you have both had a share in booking distinct things or organising issues. This will give you a level ground to decide what you do whilst you’re away, also, as no a single will have ‘more of a say’ thanks to possessing to deal with every thing, than the other.

Don’t underestimate the value of compromise

As with any connection, they usually only survive if you have got compromising down to a t. This will be a large element of a couples holiday, and you will need to guarantee you are every single listening to each celebration. This is crucial for making certain you both are happy and get specifically what you want out of the trip, and so that you have as few arguments as achievable.

Couple enjoying vacation in luxury resort

Make time for yourselves

You’re unlikely to agree on definitely 100% of items that you each want to do, so don’t forget that you can each take some time off from each and every other, and go explore or attempt new issues independently. This will give you a (most likely fairly welcome) rest bite from every single other, and will mean no one particular will shed out on wanting to do anything, also.

Operate to keep the spark alive

Young couple traveling nature

Just as you would at property, it’s critical that you work on your connection on the road (in the air or on the sea!) as you go. Keep the spark alive by taking every single other out on specific, planned surprise days, and maintain up your tradition of date nights and so forth if you have them. If you don’t, a trip away is the perfect time to begin! You could also give something a go with each other that takes you both out of your comfort zone, such as an extreme sport or class in a new country, which is bound to bring you both together.

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Best Back-To-School Supplies for Grownups

Hey Lovelies! We’ve got Erin back once again today, sharing her impeccable taste when it comes to back-to-college! Her preferred BTS picks have me wishing I was heading back for a new college year. Study on to see her alternatives. xoxo

It’s back to college season and we’ve currently completed our initial homework assignment. You know, the kind that requires purchasing around for the cutest back to college finds for grown-ups. It truly isn’t a bad gig, specifically if you’re like us and feeling a small nostalgic about the whole issue. If you are in the mood to freshen up your residence workplace or add a little organization to your work life, then check out our top picks that we think make the grade!

Favorite Back to School Supplies

  1. Give your homemade lunch an immediate makeover with these  DIY printable lunch bags.
  2. A tote-ally adorable backpack that was initially made for Swedish college children in the 70s… Adore it!
  3. The bkr glass bottle comes in entertaining and refreshing colors and will have you sipping in style.
  4. A sticky note set that is intended to motivate you to get stuff accomplished.
  5. This dots and feelings stapler is on my wish list. hint hint. 
  6. This lunch tray inspired desk organizer will aid maintain issues in their place.
  7. I am really busy folders to state the apparent and of course maintain your papers seeking neat.
  8. It’s going to be an inspiring year, so a notebook is a should for jotting down these brilliant ideas.
  9. Due to the fact washi tape is my favourite and this school-inspired paper tape set is no exception.

Beautiful Certainly

Best suggestions for Travelling in South America

South America is the ultimate traveller’s dream – it’s exotic, diverse, captivating and is surprisingly low cost when you get there. It’s also a backpacker or gap year traveller’s dream, due to the fact if you do your analysis, you can trek about the continent relatively just to get the extremely most out of your trip.

If you’d love to give this amazing spot a go, we’ve loaded this write-up with our ideal suggestions for travelling in Latin America.

Plan your route wisely ahead of time

Colômbia Valle del Cocora 2014

For frequent travellers, getting around in South America won’t be also considerably of a struggle, but even so, travelling about here will be extremely different to navigating your way around the likes of Europe, or even South East Asia, where routes are much more readily available as they’ve frequently been heavily trodden by prior trekkers. You will not want to get there and have zero plans for your subsequent move. Rather do your research before you even get on the plane. It’s a very good concept to investigation accommodation along the way so you can book that in advance also.

Learn some language basics

Political map of south America with each country represented by its national flag. Isolated on white background.

The most extensively spoken language in Latin America is Spanish, even though it is worth noting that it can differ from nation to nation. Even so, it is a excellent notion to understand some fundamental Spanish before you go, especially if you are preparing on going off the beaten track, as it’s in these spots that you’re least likely to discover someone who speaks adequate English.

Maintain your self healthful

You will not want to spoil your trip by falling ill or victim to some of the bugs of South America. You should take some decent methods to preventing these items from happening, appropriate from obtaining your injections before you travel, to searching soon after oneself even though you’re out and about there. In malaria and dengue risk zones, the very best prevention is not getting bitten in the first spot, so cover up with lightweight clothing, use repellent and mosquito nets wherever achievable. Take care when you are on public transport as well, and familiarise your self with the various altitudes of the destinations you’re heading to, as these can have a genuine impact on your wellness.

Immerse oneself in the regional customs and culture

Rio de janeiro - Corcovado

The issue that tends to make Latin America so unique is that it is so diverse from 1 country to the next. The ideal way of receiving a actual, authentic expertise of every single country is to ditch the guide books and do as the locals do. The locals are typically truly friendly and welcoming of tourists, so are quite likely to help you or even hang out with you (which is very different to life in London!) so take advantage of this as much as you can.

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