Gear Guide: Backpacking Europe With The Platypus SoftBottle


Note: This write-up first appeared on 100 Nights of Summer season, our Editor-In-Chief’s annual trip to festivals about Europe. To see far more of the gear that Vito has reviewed on his journey, click right here. 

I wanted to evaluation the Platypus SoftBottle in the course of final year’s one hundred Nights of Summer Tour, but managed to shed it within two days of being on the road. This time about I got critical, and when I saw the .five liter model on sale for $ 4.99 apiece, I snagged two. The classic Nalgene water bottle has two large issues for my sort of festival flashpacking: it is bulky and it is also heavy. These softies from Platypus are much better, as they just roll up when empty.

Uncover this solution at for $ 7.95

Simply because of their light weight and packability, these are supremely useful festival tools. I generally filled a single with water and the other with whisky. Since of the soft plastic design, they can match into pockets where security would not be expecting a half liter of booze.

After a complete season of festivaling — one hundred days across Europe to 15 festivals — this water bottle has held up much stronger than most of my other gear. It’s held nine different varieties of liquid, but still smells fresh right after cleaning and I never had any lakeage. It’s also BPA totally free.

And yes, of course, I did finish up losing one particular of the two bottles. I last saw it in Poland leaving me in the firm of a girl. Why wasn’t I with her? Effectively, that is one more story, and properly out of the scope for gear reviews.

As far as I’m concerned, a solid investment of $ 5.

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