Pleased Friday + Life Life Life

Pregnant holding peonies

I hereby present to you our very first photo from the new studio! Yes, it’s just a white wall. But it’s our white wall. With texture and our preferred white paint and electrical outlets in it and almost everything. The work isn’t really carried out in the studio but — we nonetheless need to have to set up flooring just before we can move our gear in — but we’re so close we can TASTE it. So we snuck in the other day to take some test shots and I’m just so excited to begin working in there. The light is gorgeous and it is so spacious and beautiful.

In other news, I’m starting to get that genuinely charming egg-shaped physique that I get when I’m pregnant, also evident in that tiny photo up there.  Baby is kicking me around all day, which is pretty exciting, and I’ve moved on from becoming annoyed about the nausea to becoming annoyed that I’m beginning to get that pregnant lady waddle in my step. But adequate whining! The kid looks healthier and we’re all content (albeit a bit stressed), so we have zero to complain about.

Okay seriously, enough about me. Ugh! I want to hear about you! Tell me one great factor that happened this week so we can celebrate you! And then go have a rad weekend. xoxo

Beautiful Certainly