Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, the greatest show on Earth and the best party in the Universe. It is a time of good music, brilliant costumes and fun loving people. Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is the ideal vacation, you can dance to scintillating rhythms, see the shows and taste the food. In Mascots everyone is part of a fun filled family and our objective is to ensure that all have a good time. Mascots 2000 has been associated with Trinidad carnival for 19 years. In the past we produced children carnival bands and for 13 years we produced the Jouvert band Cocoa Mascots. In 2001 we produced the section “I Seek U” in Funtasia’s carnival presentation “Now and Beyond”, along with our Jouvert band. For 2002 we produced the section “Smooth Sailing” in Funtasia’s carnival presentation “Encore”. For 2003 our section was “Desert Storm” in Masquerade Funtasia’s carnival presentation “Colours of the Wind”.

With all our experience with one of the greatest festivals on earth, we know what makes a great festival. So we set out to find the best ones around and keep our visitors up to date. We also look at great costuming from all around. Whether it’s for a festival or just for a party we want to see it. Mascots 2000 is the site to find all the latest in costumes and festivals and how to get there!