Badlands Pawn: The Newest Attraction for South Dakota

Imagine a theme park crossed with a pawn shop. What would it look like?
Badlands Pawn is a 70,000-square foot space in Sioux Falls where, yes, you can peruse pawned goods and get great catering from Cleaver’s Market. But there’s also a 14-lane firing range, a foundry, a radio station, a tattoo shop and a casino.
“Every time you walk into it, you’ll experience sensory overload,” said Chuck Brennan, CEO and founder of Badlands Pawn.
Since it opened in November, Badlands Pawn has averaged between 500 and 2,000 visitors a day, said Brennan. Most come from neighboring states: North Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas and from Omaha, Nebraska.
“The furthest they’ve come from was Norway,” he said. “It was for the KISS concert.”
Yes, the pawn shop also doubles as a concert venue that can hold 1,600 people.
“Everything on the floor of the building — the cabinets, racks — are on wheels,” Brennan said. “This allows us to quickly move things away into our warehouse and convert it into a concert space in 45 minutes.”
It explains Badlands Pawn’s tagline: “Guns, Gold & Rock ‘N Roll.”
“You can shoot everything from cowboy-era guns to handguns and a .50-caliber machine gun here,” said Brennan. And at any given time, there’s $1 million worth of one-ounce gold bars on display.
Badlands Pawn schedules weekly concerts. KISS performed there in February.
Brennan hit on the idea to create what could be the nation’s most unique pawn shop about four years ago.
His own background — he had been in the short-term lending business — gave him a good understanding of the industry.
He liked that the pawn industry tended to be fairly resistant to economic ups and downs. And he noted how it was making a mark in pop culture with the success of shows like “Pawn Stars.”
“There’s something fascinating to people about the treasure hunting aspect of it,” he said.
Badlands Pawn cost $20 million and took about a year to build.
“We spent a lot of money to make the building look sh***y on the outside,” he said, adding that the idea was to give off a post-apocalyptic vibe.
Slater Barr, president of the Sioux Falls Development Foundation, credits Brennan for devising such an innovative business concept.
Badlands Pawn has a prop helicopter on the roof.
“Cities tend to look at projects like these and only consider the direct economic impact,” said Barr. “But there’s a far greater impact, which is the ability of a community to attract talent.”
Badlands Pawn, he said, could offer both.
The facility employs 140 people, and Brennan said he’s already heard that area businesses are benefiting from its visitors. “People are buying more food and gas, and filling up hotels here,” he said.
$1 million in gold bars on display at Badlands Pawn.
Brennan is thinking ahead about a second location for another pawn shop destination. He’s considering Nashville, Reno or Rapid City, South Dakota.
“We’re definitely planning a second one. But first we’ll see what’s working or not working with this one,” he said.

Drawn to You // 2

I lift my lamp.

I’m not political. I’m just not, and I make no apologies for it. But I do still love my nation and I adore all individuals and I love adore. Issues just appear out of control in our globe proper now and it feels appropriate to combat it by adding beauty to the planet. So when Isabela and I have been talking about what we could draw for you this month, we hit on one thing that felt appropriate. You can download this design to print in 11″x14″ format, or download for a laptop desktop under.

Do you know this poem? It’s at the base of the Statue of Liberty. I remember reading it on a single of my visits there when I lived in NYC.

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land
Right here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
“Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe totally free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

-Emma Lazarus


I’m just loving operating with Isabela on this series! We’d adore to hear from you, too — if you ever require some inspiration hit us with a theme and we’ll get on it. Discover much more from Isa in her Etsy shop here and her Instagram here. xoxo

I Lift My Lamp

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Boomtown 2017 reveals its &#039Wild West District&#039 line-up

around the festival site

purchase tickets now &gt Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th August 2017
Matterley Estate, close to Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1HW, England MAP
find nearby
accommodation from £195 for the weekend

day-to-day capacity: 60000

last updated: Wed 15th Feb 2017

Boomtown Fair 2017 which takes place at Matterley Estate, nr. Winchester, in Hampshire and from Thursday 10th till Sunday 13th August 2017, and has just revealed it really is ‘Wild West District‘ line-up.

Newly confirmed for the Old Mines Stage and joining Frank Turner, Alabama 3, Newton Faulkner, Kíla, and far more, are The Wurzels, La Inedita, Sheelanagig, Noble Jacks, and Holy Moly &amp the Crackers.

New for the Rusty Spurs stage are Ferocious Dog, Rusty Shackle, The Eskies, Moonshine Wagon, Dana Immanuel &amp The Stolen Band, The Boot Hill All Stars, Black Hearted Riders, Mick O’Toole, Imprints, Surfin’ Birds, True Strays, John D Revelator, Dirty Diesel Outlaw Orchestra, Inbredz, Hightown Crows, Black Water County, Dry White Bones, The Back Wood Redeemers, Hodmadoddery, Captain Cactus &amp The Screaming Harlots, Shootin’ the Crow, Grandpa Joe and the Chicken Livers, Andrews &amp Hammond, Devils Damn String Band, The Dooks, and Sam Raine.

For Crazy Calamities there’ll be Afro Cluster, Sounds of Harlowe, Captain Accident, Junior Bill, King Punch, The Tribe, Krupa , Primo Nelson, Iguanas, Agbeko, Basement 83, Solomento, The Specific Brew, 6foot7, Mighty John Street Ska Orchestra, King Sub, The Sneak Eazies, Matt Montez Duo, The Whiskey Rebellion, Pareidolia, The Hat Club, Solomento, Slim Pickings Band, King Solomon Band, C**ty Bumpkins, Strong Gone, Kid Kosmic, The Bare Souls, The Wooden Guys, Lead Shot Hazard, Bluetown Rumble, Effortless Stride Band, Consume The Evidence, and The Railway Sleepers.

And on The Incorrect Side Of The Tracks you will discover Dr Meaker (DJ Set), Phibes Mandidextrous, Selector Spinach, Titan sound Shosh (24 hour Garage Girls) , Dapper Dan, Sinai soundsystem takeover, Pull up collective b2b Monroller, Gorilla Tactics Takeover, Underkind ft. Norfolk MC, Jah Prang b2b Scratch Bandikoot, Tommy D b2b Binksy Super Sunday Funday with Uncle Dugs, Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter &amp Close friends, Hot Cakes VS Tumble Audio Showcase – Cut and Run, Improvement, Fish, Hybrid Theory (Hotcakes) – Lucent b2b Deadbeat UK b2b Hadean b2b Hank Limit feat MC Forca (Tumble).

There is many more acts already confirmed, so for all of the stage breakdowns so far please see the Boomtown line-up web page.

acquire tickets online &gt

Tier three city residency passes: £195 &amp ecobond deposit.
Kid tickets (aged 12 years and below) are free of charge and can be ordered by anybody 25 or more than.
Family automobile (£20), campervan or caravan or trailer tent passes priced at £80 are also accessible.
There will also be a £7 booking fee and £10 refundable Eco Bond.


get tickets now &gt Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th August 2017
Matterley Estate, near Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1HW, England MAP
locate nearby
accommodation from £195 for the weekend

every day capacity: 60000

last updated: Wed 15th Feb 2017

most current on this festival News

The Cribs, The Amazons & much more for Liverpool Sound City 2017

The Cribs

buy tickets now &gt Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th Might 2017
Clarence Dock, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 0AN, England MAP
uncover nearby
accommodation on sale 9am on Friday 27th January

day-to-day capacity: 25000

final updated: Fri 27th Jan 2017

A lot more acts have been announced for Liverpool Sound City which returns to celebrate it’s 10th year in 2017 from Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th May 2017 at the city’s Clarence Dock.

Added to the Saturday are Vant, and Declan McKenna, even though The Cribs, and The Amazons, are added to the Sunday line-up.

Newly confirmed for Tim Peaks Diner over the weekend are The Rhythm Technique, Gulp featuring Super Furries’ Guto Price tag , Tom Mouse Smith, The G-O-D, and Nev Cottee, plus some unique guests that will be revealed in the course of the weekend.

There’s also an Emerging Talent showcase with Colonel Mustard and Dijon Five, Queen Zee &amp The Sasstones, Shrinking Minds, Oranj Son, Ali Horn, FUR, Tom Dunne, Ae Mak, Crimsons, Chay Snowden, the Korean showcase with Ssing Ssing, Wasted Johnny’s, Diealright, and Swiimers, and  China’s most significant record label and festival producers Contemporary Sky present Catholic Action, Pixey, Violet Youth, FUSS, all from China, plus overseas artists Cotillon, and Re-TROS.

Mentioned Sound City CEO Dave Pichilingi: “Our ten year spectacular is shaping up to be anything really special indeed. And we’ve not completed yet – we still have a lot more artists, a lot more music and lots much more nonetheless to come. Stay tuned for what is going to be our biggest year but.

The new acts above join those currently confirmed, which includes Metronomy, The Kills, Slaves, Peaches, The Hunna, Carl Barat &amp The Jackals, and much more on the Saturday, and The Kooks, White Lies, Neighborhood Natives, !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Milburn, She Drew The Gun, and far more on Sunday. For all of the line-up details announced so far please see the Liverpool Sound City line-up web page.

purchase tickets now &gt

Tickets are on sale priced are as follows:-
Sound City Saturday – £35 per day
Sound City Sunday – £35 per day
Weekend Tickets – £65 

buy tickets now &gt Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th May possibly 2017
Clarence Dock, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 0AN, England MAP
uncover nearby
accommodation on sale 9am on Friday 27th January

day-to-day capacity: 25000

last updated: Fri 27th Jan 2017

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Road Trip, Celebration of 4

Scenic vista

Cherry blossoms

We’ve taken a handful of day trips given that Maggie came along, but this was our first longer trip as a party of 4! We headed back down for a few days in our old LA hood and it felt so very good to get out of town. Now that the little one is much more and more a particular person every day, we’re getting our travel plans in order and we’re excited to be hitting the road a lot more.

The kids did wonderful (see here for all of our travel suggestions with children!) and we had been so satisfied to invest some time with our LA pals. I helped out at a dear friend’s baby shower and got to pat her little baby bump. We hit up Universal Studios for a handful of hours to see all of the Harry Potter stuff, but Henry was mainly excited to hug a Minion. He also got his quite very first barbershop haircut, which was the most adorable (we typically cut his hair at residence). We ate at some of our preferred Studio City spots, and I was even in a position to sneak away for a mani with a friend and some purchasing at Bonjour Fete, the cutest tiny new shop on Ventura.

I took my big camera but forgot a memory card, so these snaps are all old-school blog post style, straight out of my telephone. Which possibly is a small bit refreshing? Since this is genuinely what our trip looked like. Playgrounds, child snuggles, a little sunshine, and a lot of exciting. xoxo

Paper poppy centerpieces

Culver Hotel

Hogwarts Castle

Boy hugging a minion

Baby snuggles

Toddler's first haircut


Boy eating a waffle

Bonjour Fete

Bonjour Fete

Beautiful Certainly

Clyde Stubblefield drummer dead from Kidney failure at 73

Clyde Stubblefield drummer dead from Kidney failure at 73Photo:

RIP Clyde Stubblefield. The lengthy-time James Brown drummer, who became the most sampled percussionist in hip-hop history, has sadly passed away aged 73 due to kidney failure.

His rhythm pattern on the 1970 hit ‘Funky Drummer’ is stated to be the most sampled in hip-hop history with the likes of Run DMC, Raekwon, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys, and N.W.A all employing it. It has been utilised in a quantity of other genres also and Prince regarded him a single of his drumming idols. The influence it has had is a staggering achievement.

Whilst he was playing with James Brown from 1965 to 1971, he played on the Godfather of Funk’s most memorable tracks which includes ‘Cold Sweat,’ ‘Ain’t It Funky Now,’ ‘I Got the Feelin’ and Brown’s classic LP Cold Sweat and Sex Machine.

Stubblefield deserved songwriting royalties but never ever got them. “All my life I’ve been questioning about my cash,” Stubblefield stated in a 2011 New York Occasions interview.

Of coming up with ‘Funky Drummer’, he said: “We have been sitting up in the studio, getting ready for a session, and I guess when I got set up I just began playing a pattern. Started playing anything. The bassline came in and the guitar came in and we just had a rhythm going, and if Brown liked it, I just mentioned, ‘Well, I will place some thing with it.'”

“All the drum patterns I played with Brown was my own he in no way told me how to play or what to play,” Stubblefield told SF Weekly in 2012. “I just played my own patterns, and the hip-hoppers and what ever, the men and women that employed the material possibly paid him, perhaps. But we got nothing. I got none of it. It was all my drum solution.”

Stubblefield was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1943 also played for Otis Redding in the early 60s prior to joining James Brown.

Whilst in James Brown’s group he played alongside John “Jabo” Starks and collectively they helped write the definition of funk music.

When Stubblefield left Brown’s band, he and Starks reunited to kind the Funkmasters, resulting in a pair of albums and he released some solo albums including 1997’s Revenge of the Funk Drummer.

Considering he was never ever paid effectively for his contribution to music when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2001 he did not have health insurance coverage to pay for the treatment and, according to Billboard, philanthropic Prince stepped up to save his life and spend the $ 80,000 dollar healthcare bills.

Meanwhile, the legendary Bootsy Collins has paid tribute via Twitter:

Music News –

I Am the…

I started thinking the other day about the delegation of duties among myself and the hubs and how fascinating it is which jobs fell to which person. Some of them are really classic (he mows the lawn, I do the laundry), and some of them appear completely random. It produced me want to commence listing out all the issues that I am in our family, just to see it on paper. I even asked Ryan and he came up with some that I in no way would have believed of (apparently I’m the only 1 who puts gas in the car?!). So here’s my list. Leave me a list of a handful of of the things that you are! xoxo

thank-you card writer
laundry washer
trip planner
barf cleaner
ukulele player
closet organizer
cupboard cleaner
party planner
bottle washer
dish doer
suitcase packer
dust bunny wrangler
early riser
memory recorder
gas getter

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RagnBone Mans new album Human is the quickest selling male debut

A bigger opening week than Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith

RagnBone Mans new album Human is the fastest selling male debut Photo: Press

Rag’n’Bone Man has hit the huge time. Not only has he just got quantity 1 – that was clear thinking about mid-week sales – he’s also grow to be the quickest selling male debut album of the decade.

The Brighton soul singer-songwriter, real name Rory Graham, managed this record obtaining sold 117,000 copies across physical (which created up 67% of his total sales), download and streaming. This outstanding achievement signifies the rest of the rest of the Best ten combined do not add up to what he’s accumulated.

Impressively, the South London-based soul singer-songwriter has had a larger opening week than debut albums by the likes of Ed Sheeran (+, 2011) and Sam Smith (In The Lonely Hour 2014).

Offered that this time final year he was largely unknown, it’s strange and wonderful to mention him in the same breath as the following. But, only One particular Direction’s Up All Night (139k), Rebecca Ferguson’s Heaven (128k) and Noel Gallagher’s Higher Flying Birds’ self-titled release (123k), all released in 2011 sold far more.

The BRITs Critics’ Option Award has evidently been excellent leverage and he’s harnessed it much better than anyone, even Adele had reduced week 1 sales.

Gigwise premiered a reside session of his track ‘Human’ final year and praised him for being comparable to Cee Lo Green for the sheer majestic power of his vocals and the level of top quality in his voice is evidently a rare thing as it has magnetic pull.

Even the highly opinionated music sector guru Bob Lefsetz, who writes the Lefsetz letters, which have an intense brilliance and captivate readers from Steven Tyler to Rick Nielsen to Bryan Adams to Quincy Jones to Everybody who’s in the music company had praise for him. At Output conference in Belfast yesterday, he’s explained that he’s baffled that America are but to wake up to his talent. “There is not noise for him, it is crickets” he said. Cracking America is Rag’N’Bone Man’s subsequent challenge then.

Music News –

Envision Dragons, Frank Ocean, and Flume are Heading WayHome This Summer season


Frank Ocean continues to stack up his summer time of festivals with the most recent headlining cease at WayHome Festival in Canada. He’ll be joined by Envision Dragons and Flume at the best of the bill, with supporting acts like Justice, Solange, Marshmello, and Schoolboy Q. More names are promised to be announced. Right here is the existing rundown:

WayHome Initial 2017 Lineup

Frank Ocean / Picture Dragons / Flume / Justice / Solange / Marshmello / Schoolboy Q / Vance Joy / Tegan and Sara / The Shins / Allan Rayman / Andy Shauf / Banks / Begonia / Belle Game / Blossoms / Car Seat Headrest / Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires / Charlotte Cardin / Colony Property / Constantines / Daniel Caesar / Danny Brown / Darcys / Dashboard Confessional / Death From Above 1979 / FLAKES / Gabrielle Shonk / Harrison Brome / HONNE / Hundred Waters / Illenium / Jagwar Ma / Jahkoy / Jazz Cartier / Louis the Kid / Magic Giant / Margaret Glaspy / Mitski / Mura Masa / NOBRO / Noname / Pat Lok / Phantogram / Image This / Poliça / PUP / Rag’n’Bone Man / Royal Blood / Russ / Skott / Tanya Tagaq / The Dirty Nil / The Drums / The Hunna / The Naked and Renowned / THEY /

WayHome takes location from July 28-30, 2017, in Oro-Medonte, about 90 minutes north of Ontario. Tickets go on sale February 17 and will run you $ 229 for a 3-day GA pass.

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Corinthia Hotels’ Annual Sale: How To Score A Luxury Getaway For Much less

If there’s one thing that I like doing when travelling abroad, it’s staying in style. While I lead a rather spartan lifestyle at home, I like to really spoil myself when I go on that well-deserved vacation.

While luxury vacations can be very (very!) pricey, with good research and proper planning you can score a five-star getaway for far less than you’d imagine.

Take this for an example. One of my all-time favourite hotel chains, Corinthia Hotels, is currently offering an amazing 50% discount on all rooms across its stunning luxury hotels in Malta, Prague, Lisbon, Budapest and St. Petersburg. In Corinthia Hotel London the offer is 30% off on room rates. Starting of this year, Corinthia has also committed to a best rate guarantee, which means they will refund your stay by 100% if you manage to find your stay cheaper outside of their website.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the Annual Sale rates at Corinthia Hotels:

  • Corinthia Prague: Rates start from €85 per room per night.
  • Corinthia St Petersburg: Rates start from 4975 RUB per room per night.

Panoramic view of Valletta at sunset with Carmelite Church dome and St. Pauls Anglican Cathedral. Malta

These unbelievable prices are available to you when you book through website before February 28, 2017 and are applicable for stays until December 30th, 2017. You can also get complimentary room upgrades, extended check outs, and discounts in Corinthia Hotels’ amazing restaurants and bars.

So, if you’re looking for a luxury getaway at a non-luxury price, here’s your chance! Now go grab it!

For further information on the Corinthia Hotels’ Annual Sale as well as for the Terms and Conditions visit or contact Corinthia Hotels on

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The xx, Pixies, LCD Soundsystem, Phoenix: Shaky Knees 2017 Lineup

The Shaky Knees Festival out of Atlanta just released their 2017 lineup and it is full of good stuff. Headliners incorporate The xx, LCD Soundsystem, and Phoenix along with goodies like Pixies, The Shins, Portugal. the Man, Dr. Dog, Automobile Seat Headrest, Shovels &amp Rope, and Bleachers. The fifth anniversary of Shaky Knees will take location Could 12-14, 2017, at Centennial Olympic Park.

It is been a busy week for Atlanta fests, with sister festival Shaky Beats also revealing their lineup. Tickets for each festivals are on sale now.

Shaky Knees 2017 Lineup

Amythyst Kiah &amp Her Chest of Glass / Anderson East / Arkells / Bishop Briggs / Bleachers / Cage The Elephant / Vehicle Seat Headrest / Catfish and the Bottlemen / Cloud Nothings / Con Brio / Cymbals Consume Guitars / Dr. Dog / Loved ones And Friends / Fantastic Negrito / FIDLAR / Flagship / Foreign Air / Frank Carter &amp The Rattlesnakes / Fruit Bats / Great Peacock / Hamilton Leithauser / Hugely Suspect / Hoops / J. Roddy Walston &amp The Enterprise / LCD Soundsystem / Lewis Del Mar / Lo Moon / Margaret Glaspy / Mariachi El Bronx / Contemporary Baseball / Mondo Cozmo / Moon Taxi / Nick Murphy / Phoenix / Pinegrove / PIXIES / POND / Portugal. The Man / Preoccupations / Public Access T.V. / PUP / Quaker City Evening Hawks / Ron Gallo / Run River North / Shovels and Rope / Songs For Kids / Sylvan Esso / Temples / The GROWLERS / The London Souls / The Record Business / The Revivalists / THE SHINS / The xx / Third Eye Blind / Twin Peaks / Tyler Bryant &amp The Shakedown / Warpaint / Whitney / Wolf Parade / X Ambassadors / Zipper Club /


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